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Natalie Hager is a graduate of Vanderbilt University and Parsons School of Design. She’s a wife to her husband, J, who’s a Presbyterian pastor, and mom to Essie Grace, Lucy, Henry, and Noel (a Bijon Frise and Shitzu mix). In her spare time, she enjoys yoga for clarity of mind and body, as well as cooking for family and friends, and traveling to new places to inspire her creative eye. Before launching her own business in 2009, Natalie worked with commercial firms Kiku Obata & Company and Collaborative Studios as well as residential firms Meg Braff Interiors and Robin Rains Interior Design. 

Natalie Hager’s work has been featured from Nashville to New York and ranges from recording studios to full house renovations to single rooms. Natalie puts a fresh, modern twist on the traditional Southern style. Her goal is creating unique, personalized interiors that reflect the beauty of her clients’ stories while meeting the demands of real life.

She is joined at Natalie Hager Interiors by her talented team, Danielle Kirchner and Chloe Leebrick.

photo by Mary Craven Photography

In her on to get to know Natalie Hager!

How did you get started in Interior Design? What is your background?

I jumped headfirst into interior design when no one would hire me, ha! I quit my stable and well-paid desk job at a commercial design firm in hopes of leaving the stress and panic attacks behind and finding a job more tailored to my lifestyle. The recession had just hit Nashville and my timing for finding a new job couldn’t have been worse. I worked two part-time jobs at my favorite retail stores and did freelance design work on the side. What seemed like a really rocky and difficult path actually propelled me to do something that I never imagined – starting my own interior design business. The freelance jobs became full time jobs, full time clients referred friends, referrals became new clients, and the rest is history. Even though I “got my start”, I’m still working on getting rid of the panic attacks – my boss is really demanding!

photo by Nick McGinn

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

I would describe my design style as “a fresh, modern twist on the traditional Southern style.” I like incorporating old and new in a way that shares the beauty of my clients’ stories. 

photo by Nick McGinn

What do you love most about including original art in your designs?

I love using original art in my interiors because it’s another way to infuse my clients’ stories. Whether it’s the story behind the canvas or the artist who created it or the actual piece that reflects my clients, I like my interiors to tell their story. It might be a piece that they purchase while on vacation or on a night out at an art crawl that ends up getting placed at the entrance to their foyer or above the couch in their living room. While it not only looks good, it serves a dual purpose in starting a conversation about who they are and what they do. Original art reflects my clients, and they can tell the story about where they bought a work of art. Artwork is a lasting memory of the event and a way to keep the memories alive and fresh while sharing them with the folks they welcome into their homes. 

I also love connecting artists and clients to one another. Reproduction art serves its purpose, but I find that a lot of my clients are looking for one of a kind pieces of art and just don’t have the connections to know where to purchase art. It makes me so happy when I can introduce a client to an artist. I like for the art to speak to the person, but also speak about the person on whose walls it hangs. 

photo by Reed Brown

Dream Project

My dream projects are the start to finish (from the ground up or the studs out) kind of projects where my clients trust me and just want me to design their space to reflect their story. There’s so much that we intuit from our environments, they play a big role in our lives, and it is so exciting to help create them. My favorite clients are those whom I really get to know and who trust me to make my vision come to life. To date, I’d have to say that designing for a newly married couple who loves and appreciates architecture and design has been my favorite project. They trust me and in turn, it allows me to be creative and put together a one-of-a-kind home for their new family. 

photo by Kristen Mayfield

Favorite thing about living in the South?

My favorite thing about living in the South are the people. Whether you’re a transplant from somewhere else or born and raised Southerner, there’s something about building home below the Mason Dixon line that mandates “hospitality necessary” and “all welcome”. The South is a place where smiling at strangers on the streets is normal and holding open the door for someone happens often. There’s something unassuming and welcoming about people in the South – their friendliness and hospitality feel like a big warm hug.


How to contact Natalie Hager...


Phone: 615.419.6184


Instagram: @nataliehagerinteriors