To View Them with Indulgence $950.00
The Work of Your Hands Sold Out
The Sweet Enjoyment of Partaking Sold Out
The Native Soil of Himself $1,250.00
The Mansions of Rest Sold Out
The Ever Favorite Object of My Heart Sold Out
Still More In The Eyes of Others $2,250.00
Of Our Mutual Cares Sold Out
Clothed With That Important Trust Sold Out
Gift Card from $50.00
Baby Bug 3 $99.00
She Blushed $420.00
Of One Faction over Another Sold Out
Reid I $325.00
Orangina Sold Out
Limoncello Sold Out
Imprint Sold Out
Joyful Sold Out
Hold You No. 15 $150.00
Sweet Calm Sunshine $100.00
October Whispers $185.00
Maples On The Hill $100.00
Beautiful You II $350.00
Beautiful You I $350.00
Loving You Is Easy $350.00
Chloe $150.00
Jessie $150.00
Beauty Makes a Sound $450.00
Wave on Wave $450.00
Sea and Sand Sold Out
Cutie Little Thing No. 4 $135.00
Cutie Little Thing No. 3 $135.00
Cutie Little Thing No. 2 $135.00
Cutie Little Thing No. 1 Sold Out
Shy Guy $250.00
Pretty Rabbit $250.00
Male Ruby Throated $250.00
Female Ruby Throated $250.00
Are You Sure? $250.00
In Looking Forward to the Moment Sold Out
Summer Storms Sold Out
Tide Change Sold Out
Fly Me To The Moon 3 $185.00
Fly Me To The Moon 2 $185.00
Fly Me To The Moon 1 $185.00
I Shall Carry It with Me Sold Out
Small Faded Shapes $385.00
Roller Blades $300.00
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