Mary Overstreet of Portraits, Inc.

Mary Overstreet is a top-performing sales associate for Portraits, Inc. in Nashville, Tennessee. Having brokered more than 300 successful portrait commissions with a wide variety of artists, Mary has been a trusted name in the business for twenty-three years who brings portrait dreams to life for clients in the Nashville area. 

A Nashville native, Mary graduated from The Harpeth Hall School and then Vanderbilt University. In addition to her efforts with Portraits, Inc., Mary stays active as a key volunteer in the Nashville area and is a proud supporter of Cheekwood Estate and Gardens and Frist Art Museum.

Together, Mary and her husband Charles have five daughters, two sons-in-law, and five granddaughters.

Bebe Barnard, President of Portraits, Inc. says this of Mary…

"The minute you connect with Mary Overstreet you can just feel her excitement and energy!! She has worked with many corporate and family clients throughout the Nashville area. Mary is always willing to go the extra mile to help you get the absolute best portrait to fit your needs. Her knowledge and experience is what makes her one of the top-selling associates at Portraits, Inc. year after year."

What is your dream portrait project?

My dream portrait project would be a large mural painted of my extended family, which currently includes 1 husband, 5 daughters, 2 sons-in-law, 5 granddaughters, our cat Spencer, and our two corgis Waffles and Hungry Jack. The setting would be late in the day, outdoors, in the summer, on the edge of Lovejoy Pond in Maine. The backdrop would include a boathouse, a dock, and a red canoe. Just thinking about it transports me there. I can almost taste the lobster and hear the loons!

What is one of your favorite things about the portrait business?

Building relationships with families and seeing children dressed in their Sunday best. I love the Southern dress code: eggshell batiste dresses with lace and ribbons for girls and linen button on shorts with pleated Peter Pan collared shirt for boys.

What do you love most about living in the South?

As a native Tennessean and a southerner through and through, there are so many things I love about living in the South! But here are a few of my favorite things…

  • Importance and Closeness of Family: From my immediate family to those twice-removed cousins and relatives I’ve only ever heard about! And, of course, those remembered from days gone by and new ones on the way. There’s nothing like family in the South!
  • A Tight-Knit Community: Your neighborhood is an extension of your family- it’s a given that you’ll know the names of everyone on the block, and this includes children and pets! And nothing tops having those friends down the street where you drop by just to check in and enjoy stories and popsicles on the porch.
  • The Perfectly-Set Table: No matter what the occasion or who the guests might be, china, crystal, silver (well-polished of course), and linens passed down through the generations are musts. Any excuse for a well-done party. There’s a reason it’s called Southern hospitality!
  • Gathering Together to Worship: There’s no comfort quite like that of seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones all while sitting in the same pew, chosen decades ago and witness to many of life’s most special moments.
  • SEC Football: Something we do not take lightly down here! Serious Vanderbilt tailgating with more food and drink than you could ever need and no detail overlooked. Whether you serve up Krystal cheeseburgers, Teeter chicken tenders, or pimiento cheese sandwiches on white bread with no crusts, one thing you don’t mess with is your good luck game-day menu!
  • Iroquois Steeplechase: Horses, big hats, sundresses, seersucker suits, Stirrup Club, and a "Large Time" for all- what else do you need?

How to contact Mary Overstreet...


Phone: 615.491.2115


Instagram: @marydaughertyoverstreet