Sherrell Design Studio

(photo by Cate Black Photography)

Sherrell Neal’s body of work has been described as sophisticated, elegant, and timeless, with a natural southern sensibility. As a native to Houston, TX with roots in New Orleans, she spent a great deal of time on remodel jobs, or in the family workshop, where she developed a heart for the personalized approach design requires and later founded Sherrell Design Studio. Her experiences and passion for quality and craftsmanship have led her to develop relationships with skilled professionals in the industry. Sherrell is a graduate of The Art Institute of Houston where she studied Interior Design to further sharpen her natural ability to create simple elegance.

Her use of clean lines and calming color palettes successfully achieve livable and comfortable spaces reflective of every client. Sherrell believes that bespoke heirloom elements lay the foundation for good design and that investments for the home should last. Bridging traditional style with modern living to create something new out of something old and something original out of something common.

(photo by Michael Hunter)


In Her on to get to know Sherrell!

How would you’d describe your design aesthetic?

 Timeless. Thoughtful. Romantic.

(photo by Michael Hunter)


Favorite thing about living in the South?

 The tragedies and triumphs of American history are rooted in southern culture. And being from the south, we can never share our stories and experiences without reaching into the past. It’s what makes the traditions of the south so colorful and engaging. From our food, our music, even our speech. I’m grateful for my southern heritage and how it has shaped my life and my design point of view. 

(photo by Michael Hunter)


What do you love most about including original art into your designs?

 I heard someone say in a nutshell, “art is not an investment but something you intend to keep and love.” Every individual relates differently to what they see and experience, similar to the way one might fall in love with an artist’s work, it’s rather intimate. Artwork is such an individual thing— an expression of who you are and your taste. And design is all about self expression! Incorporating something as original as art into a home becomes that additional identifier or punctuation. And as an advocate for the arts, fostering creativity by supporting any artist is essential for their success. We want them to keep inspiring us!

(photo by Michael Hunter)


Dream Project?

I’ve always loved hospitality design, boutique hotels and resorts in particular. It’s all about the guest experience and every detail has been thoughtfully planned out from the accomodations to the food and even the activities. I would love to design a Bed & Breakfast or be apart of a project build like this! There’s a uniqueness and somewhat tailored concierge aesthetic I can identify with.


(photo by Michael Hunter)


What are some design upgrades you recommend to clients that won’t break the bank?

Paint is an unlocked secret people are really embracing in a big way these days. And it does wonders to walls, ceilings and woodwork. Also, custom-made pillows are so readily available online that one can easily elevate their spaces with pillows in designer fabrics they see trending. And decorative lighting is another valuable expense that can magically transform a room from boring to inviting. But consulting with your designer to explore these options in different heights is key to layering light successfully for your space.