Anne The Framer

(photograph by Terri L. Watson)

Anne The Framer is THE go-to framer in Nashville – and oftentimes throughout the South!  Anne and her mostly female team of 10 love what they do, which keeps them working around the clock at their two convenient Nashville locations.  Having practiced the art of framing for 30 years, Anne is incredibly talented, efficient, and a lot of fun to work with. She has built close relationships with collectors, artists, designers and galleries across the region. As you can see in her photo above, she is ready to tackle any project. Don't let the all business look fool you though, she is a delight to work with!! And we have quotes from some of her most loyal customers listed below to prove it...

"I have been going to Anne exclusively for my large work framing for sometime now after hearing other artists in Nashville sing her praises. I quickly learned why; she is responsive, thorough, and talented. Not only does she have a large variety of frames to choose from, but she has an eye for what would suit the pieces best and quickly helps narrow it down. She and her staff put quality and customer service at the top of their list and it shows. I wouldn’t trust my work with anyone else!"
- Hillary Howorth, Well + Wonder Artist
"I have been working with Anne for years now both for clients and my own collection. She is such a dream! She and her team are always quick with their communication, they have a wonderful selection in stock, and Anne always has great ideas when I am not sure how I'd like to frame a piece. I've never picked up a piece from her that I didn't absolutely love, she does an amazing job!"
- Lizzy Love, Well + Wonder Artist
 (art by Lizzy Love)
“Anne takes my words/ideas of what I’m looking to convey with the final touch to elevate my art 
and turns it into the perfect hardscape on my canvas.”
- Sarah Ella Cole, Well + Wonder Artist
"Anne is a go-to for many Nashville artists. She has great prices, personalized service and has framed everything for me from portraits in traditional gold frames to abstracts in acrylic shadow boxes. She and her team can do it all!"
- Amanda Norman, Well + Wonder Artist
(photograph by Terri L. Watson)
2021 has brought an exciting new dynamic to Anne’s business.  With a veteran contractor on staff, whom also happens to be Anne’s husband, she and her team now offer artwork delivery and installation services from the South East to south eastern Texas.

In Her on to get to know Anne!

What do you love most about custom framing?

Making whatever our clients bring us into a piece of art.In addition to canvas and works on paper, we take common, everyday objects and turn them into a story. We had a mom bring us all of the glasses her son had worn throughout the years. She wanted to do something with them to tell a story, so we created a shadowbox with all the glasses in the order in which her son wore them. No matter what it is, it’s important to our clients, and they can’t display it without our help. 

(source: Sketch + Company, styling by Julie Couch Interiors, photos by Evin Photography)

 What is your dream project?

I would like to be involved in an art project with the goal of benefiting humanitarian nonprofit organizations around Nashville.I would love to partner with these organizations whereby their constituents recycle what others deem trash to create art that will then be sold to raise money for these organizations.Maybe a doodle on a fast-food bag, then it’s matted, framed, and sold. It needs to be a simple process created on readily available materials. Not only does the organization benefit, but the self confidence the artist gains from seeing their art framed is invaluable – it creates hope. 

Current framing trend that you think should take an early retirement?

Thin frames on large pieces.We have clients who have seen something on Instagram, usually a thin frame on a small piece, and want to translate the look to something much larger.There are serious mechanical issues that we have to overcome to even think about making a piece like that work. In situations like this, it’s really best to listen to your framer and choose a sturdier frame that can handle the weight of everything that goes into a large piece.

(art by Lizzy Love)

What are some framing upgrades you would recommend that won’t break the bank?

Changing the mat on a piece can completely change it.We see so many pieces that our clients have inherited from their parents or grandparents that don’t really fit with their personal style. We can change just the mat, or mat and frame, to make it a completely new piece that carries the sentimentality of family but fits seamlessly within their homes.

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(photograph by Terri L. Watson)