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Elizabeth Age Design is a Louisville based interior design firm, founded by Principal Designer, Elizabeth Age in 2015. Elizabeth offers full-service design, e-design options, and staging and styling services with projects across the midwest and beyond.
Elizabeth has always been passionate for art, style, and travel. While updating her first home years ago she discovered her affection for bringing a space to life while incorporating these interests. What began as a few informal projects for friends quickly resulted in Elizabeth leaving the corporate world to create what is today Elizabeth Age Design.
Though she works with a variety of style preferences and caters to the needs of each unique client, Elizabeth's personal style is traditional and classic with happy flair. She has an affinity for original artwork and a deep appreciation for a well-collected home. Her designs layer color, texture, and scale to add interest and create spaces that feel original but cohesive. She loves mixing old and new pieces, and can often be found exploring local antique stores, estate sales, and consignment shops. At home with her husband Paul, two young children, and two golden retrievers, Elizabeth understands the need to create spaces that strike a balance between sophistication and livability. Her overall goal in each project is that the client loves their new space both for aesthetics and functionality.
photo by Lauren Wallace
In Her Words...read on to get to know Elizabeth!

How did you get started in Interior Design? What is your background?

I don’t have a formal background in design, just a natural inclination. I have a MEd in Leadership and Organizational Performance from Vanderbilt University, which has given me many of the skills I use daily to run the business side of things.

As a child I loved exploring new-builds that were still under construction. Our neighborhood was a new development, and my dad frequently took me into empty houses that were down to the studs. I would visualize each space, and I learned a lot about what goes on inside the walls. He owned a woodworking company back then, and also taught me about creating and building. I have always been the creative type and like to “figure things out." Even today I am known to do simple reupholstering or change out a light fixture.

Additionally, my mom has always had her own eye for design and seems to constantly be guiding friends on their design updates, or on the lookout to source a vintage piece for someone. She taught me a lot about design in my early years simply by living in her spaces, and more directly when she helped me design my first home. I am a kinesthetic learner so picked up on things quickly, have since done a lot of additional self-teaching, and here we are!

photo by Lauren Wallace

What do you love most about including original art in your designs?

Original art is very important to me personally, and I try to highlight this mindset to my clients. To me, artwork is the finishing touch on a space— a room simply doesn't feel complete without it. I find art pulls an entire space together and even defines its personality. Working in the design industry has turned me into a bit of an "art snob," in that I much prefer originals to prints. I love incorporating unique pieces that no one else has because I believe a home should feel collected.

I appreciate original art so much, I have even begun a tradition of collecting a new piece for my children on their birthdays. I would much rather spend money on something they will treasure later on, than more “stuff” that will inevitably be tossed in a few years.

A little known fact, I also enjoy painting as a hobby to decompress (when I can find the time!). It allows me to flex a different creativity muscle, and under less pressure than my design work. I painted the sun hats that are hanging in my office, and an abstract piece in our guest room.

photo by Lauren Wallace

What is your favorite room in your own home?

I love our kitchen! In any home, the kitchen naturally seems to become the main gathering ground for both daily life and entertaining alike. The ability to accommodate a large island was a determining factor in purchasing our home; we immediately took out two walls to enlarge and update the kitchen before moving in. For our family this space is the hub, and the source of many fond memories. It can easily be transitioned from the chaos of lunch-time to hosting a lovely evening with guests. I joke with my husband that we can never move, because I’ll never find another house that checks so many other boxes and still has the bones to fit my kitchen. 

photo by Lauren Wallace

What are your three "must haves" in order to create an inviting space?

  1. Window treatments— These are one of the bigger design investments, but are oh so necessary to complete a space. Bonus that they often serve a functional purpose as well as adding beauty.
  2. Textile pattern play — this can be on anything from throw pillows to a table cloth to a shower curtain. The right choices take a space up a notch so it reads as custom and quality versus cookie-cutter.
  3. Flowers or a plant— I prefer fresh flowers to add a little life and color to a space

What are some design upgrades you recommend to clients that won't break the bank?

Paint is an obvious update that can change the entire feel of a space. It is one of the first things I consider when beginning a new project. Also, upgrading lighting, cabinet hardware, and plumbing fixtures can easily make a big impact!

How to Contact Elizabeth...

Email: elizabeth@elizabethage.com

Website: www.elizabethage.com

Instagram: @elizabethagedesign

Phone: 502.594.8828