View Artwork At Home with AR

We are so excited to announce that select Well + Wonder artwork can be viewed on your walls from the comfort of your home using augmented reality - AR! Follow the directions below to view Well + Wonder artwork at home.

1. When browsing the Well + Wonder collection and you see the AR tag, click to view the AR enabled painting.

2. Open the camera application on your device and direct it to the QR code located in the description of the artwork.

3. Click on the dropdown box that appears on the top of your screen.

4. On first use, you will be prompted to download the MetaVRse One App.

5. Rotate your device to be oriented in the landscape position.

6. Hold your device up to a wall.

7. Wait until the "dotted box" turns into a circle.

8. Click the circle to view Well + Wonder art in your home.

9. Explore the features - Level, Lightning, and Framing. There is even an option to share the Image with others.

10. Your walls just got a little bit more wonderful!