Kate Figler Interiors

photo by Allison Elefante

Kate Figler of Kate Figler Interiors is a Nashville-based designer who specializes in layered and timeless interiors that speak to her clients’ unique personalities and taste. A lover of color and pattern, Kate strives to create spaces that mix luxurious fabrics, natural textures, and both traditional and contemporary elements.

While born and raised in New England, Kate’s relocation to Nashville helped distinguish her style and aesthetic. Her rooms blend both the charm of the Northeast and the tradition of the South. You’ll see a mix of elegant antiques, gorgeous textiles, and fresh interpretations of classic designs that all work together to make her projects one of a kind. Kate’s work has been seen inNashville Lifestylesmagazine where she was named one of Nashville’s “Up and Coming Designers” in 2021.

photo by Allison Elefante

 In Her Words...read on to get to know Kate!

How did you get started in Interior Design? What is your background?

I am from a rural area of northwest Connecticut that is actually a little design destination full of art galleries and antique stores. Being surrounded by this in conjunction with growing up with a mother and grandmother who meticulously decorated their own homes, I was very aware of the design world early on and appreciated its relevance. I actually began my career in a completely different field as an elementary school teacher, but after moving several times with my husband and small children - and designing and renovating repeatedly over those years - I was ready to pivot from education to design. Everything solidified when I moved to Nashville and a friend of mine asked me to help her with her home. From there, one client turned to two and my business grew into what it is today. I feel enormously fortunate to have so many wonderful clients and projects, and I hope that I provide them not only with my creative expertise but also with my knowledge of what it’s like to be in their shoes living through a renovation or a complete redesign of a room. There is so much time spent between designer and client, and I really aim to make the experience a positive one that feels productive, organized and fun.

photo by Allison Elefante

How would you describe your design aesthetic?
I love to incorporate pattern and color into the spaces I design through textiles, wallpaper, and art. I am traditional at heart but I love to mix the old with the new, so when clients show me an antique that’s been in their family for generations I get excited about how to use it in their home in a way that feels fresh and contemporary. I love to add a bit of whimsy into my spaces as well through extra details like custom lampshades, trim, artwork and accessories.

photo by Suzy Thompson

What do you love most about including original art in your designs?

Original art helps a space feel truly unique and like “home.” Art is so subjective that the pieces ultimately selected for a room I’ve worked on truly reflect my clients’ taste and experiences. I think a big misconception is that art is inaccessible or is only for “collectors.” I try to educate my clients on the process of finding artists whose work speaks to them and then from there working with that artist to create a one of a kind piece for their project. I love to include personal details into commissions as well, such as colors or other references that have meaning to a client. Then whenever they walk by that piece in their home it is sentimental to them and hopefully brings a smile to their face.

photo by Allison Elefante

What is your favorite thing about living in the south?

The people! There is a strong sense of community and tradition in the south that reminds me of my hometown and how I grew up. Neighbors and friends are involved in each other's lives and there is an appreciation for maintaining the culture of hospitality the south is so famous for. I feel really lucky to live in such a vibrant and special city as Nashville.

photo by Allison Elefante

What are your three “must haves” in order to create an inviting space?

  1. Good lighting (on dimmers!) at various levels within a room - there is nothing worse than a room that is too bright or too dim

  2. Comfortable, properly proportioned and well made upholstery - ideally showcasing an interesting fabric scheme that brings in some gorgeous throw pillows!

  3. Something old - a family heirloom, a favorite collection, a piece of art...anything that can’t just be bought online and that really tells you about who lives in the space

How to contact Kate...

Phone: 203.313.2627