Wesley Interiors

photo by Heidi Harris

Allison and Jorie are a mother-daughter design team who both grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. Allison lives with her husband, Crawford and their crazy dog, Jake. Living less than a mile away from their office that sits above her parents’ garage, Jorie lives with two roommates and her sweet 14 year old pup, Lexi. Allison’s youngest daughter, Margaret is pursuing her degree as a Physician’s Assistant. While she may not share the passion, Margaret sure does benefit from her family members’ talent!

Wesley Interiors strives to design thoughtful spaces that are not only reflective of their clients’ personalities and evoke creativity and serenity, but also emphasizes design that works with how people live every day. 

photo by Heidi Harris

In their words... get to know Allison and Jorie!

How did you get started in Interior Design? What is your background?

Allison and Jorie have always shared a love for rethinking and designing interior spaces. It all began during Jorie’s childhood, where her childhood home became a place that the two constantly reimagined. Whether it was a Saturday morning spent moving the sofas in a different arrangement or renovating spaces to be more functional as the family’s needs changed, the idea of Wesley Interiors was always in the back of their minds. 

Allison has 23 years of experience in the corporate world and a degree in Psychology. Jorie earned a degree in Sociology, combined with five years of experience working with Elizabeth Malmo Interior Design in Memphis, TN and Wyatt Designs in Atlanta, GA. In 2020 an opportunity presented itself and what was once a dream became a reality, and Wesley Interiors opened its doors. 

photo by Heidi Harris

What do you love most about including original art in your designs?

Allison’s mother, Lulu, is an artist herself - her home has art from the floor to the ceiling from artists who she has personally connected with throughout her life. She influenced both Allison and Jorie with a deep appreciation for the impact original art, color and well-made materials has on a space. Art is a very personal thing and Allison and Jorie believe it always brings warmth to a room.  

photo by Heidi Harris

Dream Project?

If you have a house at the beach, call us! 

photo by Heidi Harris

What is your favorite room in your own home?

Our family is lucky enough to have a house on the lake in North Georgia. 

Allison’s favorite room is the laundry room. We created a space that is welcoming and bright. Taking care of the laundry is now a welcomed chore - I’ve even caught myself smiling while folding the sheets! Creating unexpected joyful spaces that are primarily utilitarian has become one of my favorite aspects of the job - and I love making it functional too. 

Jorie’s favorite room is on the terrace level, it’s an intimate game room that is cozy and charming. There’s a game table in the middle but the surrounding furniture is my grandparents’ from their old lake house that we recovered. We also took my grandmother’s vintage tennis racquets and turned them into mirrors - I love the combination of old and new, and the feeling that everything in the room always belonged together. 

photo by Heidi Harris

How to contact Allison and Jorie...
phone: 404-354-9580
instagram: @wesley_interiors