Hatcher Schuster Interiors

photo by Art Meripol

Ivy Schuster is the President of Hatcher Schuster Interiors based in Birmingham, AL. Our projects are a wide variety that range from art consulting to commercial and residential interiors. Our focus is on good design, smart business and excellent service. Ivy’s creative energy started as a child and was greatly influenced by her mother and grandmother who dabbled in art. Ivy graduated from The University of Tennessee with a B.A. in Interior Design and a minor in Business. She now lives in Birmingham with her husband, Josef, and their two girls, Julia and Milly. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family, antiquing, painting, yoga and long walks with their Cavapoo “Rooster”.

photo by Jean Allsopp

In Her Words...read on to get to know Ivy!

What inspires you today? Who are your design “crushes” or favorite Instagram accounts for inspiration?

Oh goodness...there are SO many! Travel, nature and Instagram have always inspired me. I’ve always loved our local color and pattern master, Fran Keenan @frankeenandesign, Stephanie Sabbe @sabbeinteriordesign keeps me laughing while cranking out incredible work. Geremia Design @geremia_design on the west coast gives me so much perspective and seems to have mastered it all...commercial, residential and art...the trifecta!

photo by Art Meripol

What do you love most about including original art in your designs?

Original art is the perfectway to make a space “one of a kind”. It also makes a room feel finished, layered and can be agreat conversation piece.It is the personality of the room!

photo by Jean Allsopp

Dream Project?

Art curation will always be my favorite service, I had the opportunity to curate a special collection for a client this past year and it has brought me so much joy!  I would love to pursue more art consulting. Another dream project would be a house on Harbour Island in the Bahamas and maybe a boatsand golf cart to go with it! We are dreaming right?

How would you describe your aesthetic?

I would say that I can pivot from traditional to modern,but I love to mix them together. I think the most interesting spaces have a mixture of both.I recently renovated a house for myself with my husband and had the most fun mixing in my parent’s and grandparent’s antiques with my modern art.It makes it feel very collected andsunique.

photo by Jean Allsopp

Favorite thing about living in the South?

I think it’s the hospitality, people are so warm and welcoming, and I love living in a place that values that and has a sense of community.

photo by Cary Norton

How to Contact Ivy...

Email: ivy@hsinteriordesign.com

Website: www.hsinteriordesign.com

Instagram: @hatcher_schuster_interiors

Phone: 205-324-3442