Walls of Wonder

What is Walls of Wonder? For us, it’s the next step for Well + Wonder. With Well + Wonder's growth over the last several years, helping clients beyond art purchasing has become integral to the art-buying experience. Whether we have been in clients' home literally hanging ourselves or consulted over the phone or via text message we feel like we have seen it all and hung it all (we see you, plaster walls). We have learned a lot, but more importantly, we have learned the power of helping one another. Our clients and collectors are seeking knowledge and tips on how to live with their cherished new pieces, and we are prepared to provide this with a series of videos we have coined Walls of Wonder. Our goal is to set out to answer all our clients' questions about framing, hanging, installation, lighting, and everything in between with the help of some of the South’s leading interior designers and art lovers. 

Behind the Scenes