Mixed Media

Listen To The Leave Sold Out
Come Be Still Sold Out
Rare Bird II Sold Out
Rare Bird I Sold Out
Moonlight Ladies II Sold Out
Moonlight Ladies I Sold Out
Velvet Elvis Sold Out
Storms Sold Out
Landslide Sold Out
Hold Me Sold Out
High Horse Sold Out
Golden Hour Sold Out
Gold Dust Woman Sold Out
Go Your Own Way Sold Out
Dreams Sold Out
Albatross Sold Out
Brilliant Light Sold Out
Whirl Away Sold Out
Departures I Sold Out
She Blushed $420.00
Reid I $325.00
Sweet Calm Sunshine $100.00
October Whispers $185.00
Maples On The Hill $100.00
Roller Blades $300.00
Malibu Barbie $300.00
Leather Scrunchie $300.00
Early Bedtime $300.00
Dad Core $300.00
'96 Olympics $300.00
Rare Bird III $220.00
Minds Eye $325.00
Kaleidescope Eye $275.00
the clay $170.00
sensibility $170.00
on your side $170.00
off we go $170.00
Sing Me a Song of Water #2 $2,200.00
Sound and Color $340.00
Think About Me $185.00
The Chain $185.00
Silver Springs $185.00
Second Hand News $185.00
Oh, What a World $240.00
Rhiannon $185.00
You and I $340.00
Hippie Radio II $380.00
Hippie Radio I $380.00