Lois and Blue Poppies Sold
Hazel and a Brown Pear Sold
Monroe and Tulips Sold
Lillian and Butterflies Sold
Fiona and Green Pastures Sold
Clary and the Garden Sold
Paper Figure 2 Sold
Paper Figure 1 Sold
Orange and Yellow Figure Sold
Figure on Paper 4 Sold
Figure on Paper 3 Sold
Figure in Clay Sold
Blues and Light Sold
You Are So Golden Sold
What Sets Your Soul on Fire Sold
Volare Sold
The Soul Has Wings Sold
Mariposa Sold
Family Roots Sold
Extraordinary Ripples Sold
Deeper Well Sold
Agua Sold
Color Study 21 Sold
Color Study 12 Sold
Central Park Bathers IV Sold
Central Park Bathers III Sold
Louisa and Pansies $1,075.00
The Sunny Side $750.00
The Green and Blues $850.00
Sun Figure $650.00
Sitting in Sun $650.00
Peachy Stance $850.00
Pastels and Shadows $750.00
Origin of Figures $850.00
Me? $850.00
Make a Move $650.00
Lounge Pose $650.00
Just Wondering $750.00
Highlight Figure $750.00
Figure Waits $750.00
Figure Rests $750.00
Figure on Paper $200.00
Earthy Figure $850.00
Blues and Lounge $750.00
Beach Layout $750.00
The Light that Guides Us $850.00
Color Study 24 $360.00