Shine Shine Sold
Easy on the Eyes Sold
It Never Misses Sold
Caught Me Staring II Sold
Caught Me Staring I Sold
Hydrangeas in Glass II Sold
Citrus Still Life Sold
"Alai" (Basque, Happy) Sold
Pink Sunburst Flower Sold
Coastal Yellows Sold
Bluebell Basket Sold
The Queen of Grace Sold
Jungle Party II Sold
Jungle Party I Sold
Joy Overflows Sold
Real Ones Know $575.00
Peonies in Glass II $800.00
Peonies in Glass I $800.00
Irises in White IV $725.00
Irises in White III $725.00
Irises in White II $725.00
Irises in White I $725.00
Hydrangeas in Glass I $800.00
Resurgence II $500.00
Resurgence I $500.00
Pears and Tea Still Life $850.00
First Sign of Spring $630.00
Daffodils and Camellias $630.00
Baking Over Cooking $630.00
tactile world $900.00
moody glimpse $600.00
life composed $850.00
She Is The Queen of Everything $595.00
When The Seeds Begin to Bloom $895.00
True Colors 5 $500.00
True Colors 4 $500.00
True Colors 1 $500.00
Dream in Colors 3 Sold
Dream in Colors 2 $580.00
Dream in Colors 1 $580.00
Let's Take the Long Way IV $675.00
Let's Take the Long Way III $675.00
Let's Take the Long Way II $675.00
Let's Take the Long Way I $675.00