Lois and Blue Poppies Sold
Hazel and a Brown Pear Sold
Monroe and Tulips Sold
Louisa and Pansies $1,075.00
Lillian and Butterflies Sold
Fiona and Green Pastures Sold
Clary and the Garden Sold
The Sunny Side $750.00
The Green and Blues $850.00
Sun Figure $650.00
Sitting in Sun $650.00
Peachy Stance $850.00
Pastels and Shadows $750.00
Paper Figure 2 Sold
Paper Figure 1 Sold
Origin of Figures $850.00
Orange and Yellow Figure Sold
Me? $850.00
Make a Move $650.00
Lounge Pose $650.00
Just Wondering $750.00
Highlight Figure $750.00
Figure Waits $750.00
Figure Rests $750.00
Figure on Paper $200.00
Figure on Paper 4 Sold
Figure on Paper 3 Sold
Figure in Clay Sold
Earthy Figure $850.00
Blues and Lounge $750.00
Blues and Light Sold
Beach Layout $750.00
You Are So Golden Sold
What Sets Your Soul on Fire Sold
Volare Sold
The Soul Has Wings Sold
The Light that Guides Us $850.00
Mariposa Sold
Grounded in Harmony Sold
Fuego $775.00
Forever Sold
Family Roots Sold
Extraordinary Ripples Sold
Deeper Well Sold
Agua Sold
Breeze Through the Wetlands II $485.00
Carnival Color Study VI $85.00
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