Gaia | Waves Sold
Gaia | The Sirin Sold
Gaia | Some Kinda Wonderful Sold
Gaia | Miramare Sold
Gaia | I Got You Sold
Gaia | Hope Floats Sold
Gaia | Gemelas Sold
Gaia | Float On Sold
Gaia | Do My Thing Sold
Gaia | Author Of My Dreams Sold
The Sparrow and the Sea Sold
Play Ones Cards Right I Sold
Sunset in Bridgehampton Sold
Mill Reef Sold
Orange Light Sold
Butterfly Taxidermy 149 Sold
Mindful $1,350.00
Make No Mistake $1,250.00
Bright Green Field $1,450.00
That Second Wave $2,100.00
Lake Powell Path $2,850.00
It's a Rosemary Thing $2,100.00
Dune Lake $2,300.00
Blue Eyed Boy $3,100.00
Trump Card $950.00
In the Limelight $4,500.00
Nowhere Man $1,250.00
In the Deep End $1,250.00
Antique Roses $1,400.00
Art Flow Over Me $1,300.00
Walking on Sunshine #8 $3,400.00
Walking on Sunshine #7 $2,400.00
While the Sun Is Bright Sold
She Is A Mother To Many $1,500.00
She Is A Field of Flowers $1,500.00
When The Seeds Begin to Bloom $895.00
Spring Into Life 2 $1,000.00
Rooted in Truth $2,900.00
Future Glory (Ode to Wolf Khan) $2,900.00
Easy Like Sunday Morning Sold
Little Red Hen $6,300.00
Billington x Colorado $6,300.00
I'm Here For It $450.00
Charleston Girl $450.00
Shadows on The Clay Court $1,800.00
Ferry Rides $2,800.00