Tangled Flora Sold Out
Purple Bouquet Sold Out
Petite Limes Sold Out
Orange Bounty Sold Out
Lime Bounty Sold Out
Lemon Bounty Sold Out
Kumquat Bouquet Sold Out
Imaginary Blooms Sold Out
Fruity Blooms Sold Out
Bouquet Sold Out
Blooms and Gingkos Sold Out
Blooming Outward Sold Out
A Fresh Perspective Sold Out
The Seeds She Planted $1,500.00
She's The One We Lean On $500.00
She's a Classic Beauty $350.00
Green Goddess $850.00
Even A Goddess Has Her Secrets $1,500.00
Sage Blooms Diptych $275.00
forms change iii $225.00
forms change ii $225.00
forms change i $225.00
Gold like Midas $1,250.00
Floral Scene 3 $565.00
A Fern of Her Own $295.00
Sweet Little Lady $240.00
A Fern Grows in Brooklyn $240.00
Two Peas in A Pod $380.00
Feather Fern $240.00
Chinoiserie $425.00
Abstract Botanical 1 $950.00
Abstract Botanical 2 $950.00
Abstract Botanical 3 $950.00
Black with Ink Wash Pair 1 $900.00
Black with Ink Wash Pair 2 $900.00
She Lights Up a Room $795.00
Spring Blush $625.00
In the Garden $300.00
Beautiful Bountiful $300.00
Two Kumquats and Blue and White Pot $495.00
The 'Chids are Away $300.00
Pop $350.00
One More Time $350.00
Très Chic XII $200.00
Très Chic XI $200.00
Très Chic X $275.00
Cheers to You $425.00
Pink Spikey $130.00