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Des Fleurs Pour Ma Mére I $300.00
Des Fleurs Pour Ma Mére II $300.00
Peachy Poms II from $225.00
Peachy Poms I from $225.00
IX Sold
Free Spirit Sold
Angel 8 Sold
Angel 6 Sold
Angel 5 Sold
Arrangement VI Sold
Arrangement V Sold
Arrangement II Sold
Wisteria Tile No. 3 Sold
Wisteria Tile No. 1 Sold
Tulips on Linen Sold
Wide Open Spaces Sold
Watering Hole Sold
Crunchy Leaves Sold
Wabi Sabi 1 Sold
Haphazard 3 Sold
Haphazard 2 Sold
Haphazard 1 Sold
Floral Silhouette Sold
Face Collage III Sold
Little Palm Sold
Big Pine Sold
Sugarloaf Sold
Melissa - Limited Edition Print $345.00
Shifting Sky 6 Sold
The Dances VI Sold
The Dances IV Sold
White Peony IV Sold
White Peony III Sold
White Peony I Sold
Cheery Sold
Empathizer Sold
Eager Sold
Tulip $250.00
Parrot $250.00
Happy Ones $250.00
Black Eyed Susan $250.00
Anemone I $250.00
Anemone II $250.00
Happy Face $250.00
Gardener's Path $250.00
A Bouquet for You $250.00
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