Pears and Tea Still Life $850.00
The Journey Home $375.00
Summer Blue $375.00
Story of two Boats $375.00
July Sun $375.00
Green Soft Silence Sold
Friends of the Sea $375.00
Free as a Bird That Flys $375.00
Days in the Sun $375.00
Come Away with Me $375.00
A House is a Home $375.00
Wild Indigo $485.00
Spreading Jacob's Ladder and Fern $850.00
Iris $485.00
Hellebore $485.00
English Bluebell Sold
Curlyhead Clematis $485.00
Bluet $485.00
All is Not Lost $550.00
A Rose on a Cloud of Dust $375.00
Worse and Better then You Thought $375.00
Do I Wanna Know Sold
The Sparrow and the Sea Sold
The Flowers of St. Francis Sold
Pretty in Sage $350.00
Pretty in Purple Sold
Pretty in Pink $350.00
Pretty in Navy Sold
Pretty in Green Sold
Pretty in Blue Sold
Mindful $1,350.00
Make No Mistake $1,250.00
Joy, Hope, and Glamour Sold
Dream of the Audiences Sold
Changing Business $650.00
Bright Green Field $1,450.00
Adapt + Recover $800.00
A Shared Nowhere $550.00
Rainbow Bright Sold
Swimming Pretty Sold
Neutral Nibbler Sold
Furry Fly Sold
Glidding Gobbler Sold
Steady Streamer Sold
Fire Floating Sold
Sunny Swimmer Sold
Yellow Jacket Sold
Blue Bubbler Sold
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