Walls of Wonder

Nursery Shop Inspiration with kate.h.design

Nursery Mood Board by kate.h.design

We’ve been working behind the scenes on Well + Wonder’s highly anticipated Nursery Shop, and the time has come to celebrate the women who are making this week’s launch possible!! Artists Lexie Armstrong, Elisabeth Hays, and Shelby Monteverde are releasing new work THIS Thursday to mark the grand opening of the Nursery Shop, and we’re here to share the inspiration behind their latest collections.

The very talented Kate Hutchison of kate.h.design and the Well Collected Guide Raleigh created the Mood Board pictured above to inspire us all to think about the importance of artwork in a nursery design plan. In true Kate fashion, she delivered with beautiful, serene yet playful, choices that come together in a room that is sure to inspire children as they grow…and their parents!

"New parents can always use a little bit of calm in their lives! This nursery scheme is peaceful yet whimsical, with soothing colors and natural motifs and elements. I love the idea of matting Lexie Armstrong's bunnies in blues and greens to create contrast and size, then framing in gold! The artwork would be perfect on a warm white wall with a soft blue ceiling. I think this space would work for either gender and would be easy to grow into!" - Kate Hutchison

"I love painting these bunnies and hares because they are not only cute and expressive, but also clever and resilient creatures. I enjoy depicting them in fun and unusual scenarios that would be both sweet and sophisticated for a nursery." - Artist Lexie Armstrong

 Art by Shelby Monteverde, Bunnies by her Mother 

This concept of a Nursery Shop is something we’ve been dreaming of for months now because we feel so strongly that artwork has the power to inspire people of all ages. In our minds, nothing could be sweeter than welcoming a child home to a room filled with art thoughtfully chosen by their parents. Beginning a child’s life with art may spark creativity and curiosity that will live with them for the rest of their lives! 

"Nothing says childhood quite like a box of fresh crayons- the familiar smell, the rainbow of color, the waxy feel. My hope for these paintings is that as they hang in nurseries, they'll help raise growing artists as well as remind their parents to get down on the ground to color with their babies. You're never too old to color with crayons." - Artist Shelby Monteverde

Art by Elisabeth Hays 

"Inspired by individuality & originality, the Butterfly Taxidermy Collection is one of creative exploration. It evolves as much as its subject matter and just like it’s natural counterpart, no two butterflies are alike. Each of the hand torn wings are just as unique as the markmaking and brush strokes that are layered with bold and distinctive color palettes." - Elisabeth Hays

Art by Lexie Armstrong, Design by JTW Design

If you're thinking about a nursery design plan, we hope this has given you some inspiration!! We know from experience the amount of time parents spend in nurseries...precious time that may be exhausting, exhilarating, messy, and beautiful all at the same time. Some of my most treasured memories of my children's early years were in the glider reading, singing, laughing, comforting, and loving on them. The watercolor that hung over the glider in our old house will always remind me of those moments!

A huge thank you to the artists and designers who have made this possible! As always, reach out HERE with any and all Nursery Shop questions.

xx, Emily