Shelby Monteverde

Shelby Monteverde


Upstairs barn studio loft in Germantown, Tennessee. Bright white shiplap walls and industrial, foliage filled windows letting in natural light.


Acrylic on panel/paper, ebony pencil, and mixed media.


From an early age, Shelby gravitated toward all things creative, but she didn't consider it a career path until taking art classes in college. Upon graduating from the University of Memphis as an art minor, she took the leap of faith to pursue painting as the calling she knew deep down it was for her, opposing the typical 9-5 career she thought she had to have.

Shelby sees the everyday details, objects, and people of her own life as colorful and significant. Passionate about composition and color relationships, she hopes to comfort and ground the viewer in a sense of familiar reality while dually creating a feeling of possibility and perspective. Loose, acrylic paintings are her favorite, most therapeutic way of cherishing the beautiful, fleeting moments of this life.