Walls of Wonder

Powder Room Goals with A. Wooten Interiors + Weezie Towels

Women from Well + Wonder, A. Wooten Interiors + Weezie Towels at Weezie Towels Atlanta

Last month we were lucky enough to take Well + Wonder on the road to Weezie Towels Atlanta to install artwork in their beautifully appointed storefront designed by The Well Collected Guide Atlanta’s very own A. Wooten Interiors. Collaborations with creative businesses like Weezie Towels and A. Wooten Interiors really get us fired up, and we can’t help but share some take aways! 

Specifically, we’ve asked the very talented ladies of Weezie Towels and A. Wooten Interiors to share some tips on how to make a big impact with artwork and embroidered towels in a Powder Room. 

“At Weezie, we obviously spend a lot of time looking at bathrooms–we try not to play favorites but admittedly, Powder Rooms are just more fun! I think because it's such a small space, budgets aren't as constrained and you can make a big punch with less effort." - Liz Eichholz, Co-Founder and Creative Director at Weezie Towels

Weezie Towels team at Weezie Towels Atlanta

"Powder Rooms tend to be the 'jewel box' of a home and art is such an important piece of jewelry in the jewel box! I love to see carefully considered, curated art in a powder room. It's like you're giving a piece of art the focal point and mini-gallery that it deserves.” - Liz Eichholz, Weezie Towels

We absolutely agree with Liz that powder rooms have potential to be the “jewel box” of a home. As with any thoughtful collection of jewelry or artwork, the choices you make matter. Invest in pieces that speak to you, whether you’re drawn to Melvin G’s abstract collages in the photo above or Elisabeth Hays' mixed media butterflies pictured below - our advice is to go for it and trust your instincts!!

Elisabeth Hays Butterfly Collages at Weezie Towels Atlanta

The art you choose can set the tone for your Powder Room and inform decisions about other design elements. In the image above, Anna Wooten chose an embroidered Weezie towel with the softest shade of peach to complement the tones in Elisabeth Hays' butterfly collage. We adore this because it's proof that linens do not necessarily need to exactly match the colors in your artwork. As long as they complement each other, the result is eye catching and beautiful!

For more on this topic, we’re turning to Anna Wootenherself...

“If you are new to collecting original art, the Powder Room is an excellent place to start. You can invest in smaller quality pieces that will still make a large impact in the space. Invest early and never stop collecting; art has the ability to tell a story, evoke emotion, and define your sense of style.” - Anna Wooten, A. Wooten Interiors

Melvin G. Collages at Weezie Towels Atlanta

We couldn't agree more, Anna Wooten! The Melvin G.collages above bring so many exciting color options to the table in a Powder Room. Whether you choose to pull out a soft blue, green or black in your towel embroidery, you truly cannot go wrong! 

“In our minds, the key components of a beautiful Powder Room always include wallpaper, embroidered hand towels, and captivating artwork. The art you choose mayeven become part of a larger collection in a completely different room down the road." - Anna Wooten, A. Wooten Interiors

Art by Melvin G, Design by A. Wooten Interiors, Towels by Weezie Towels

Weezie Towels has shown us that quality towels can also be beautiful. With Anna Wooten and her team involved, Weezie Towels Atlanta is proof that the beauty is in the details. Discovering eye catching art and towel pairings in a Powder Room has left us feeling energized, inspired and grateful for this partnership. We hope these images and quotes have inspired you to take a fresh look at your Powder Room!

Well + Wonder artwork will be available at Weezie Towels Atlanta through Friday, January 28th, check it out in person or HERE!! 

xx, Emily