Walls of Wonder

Creating Whimsy with Art-filled Spaces by Colordrunk Designs

When you bring Well Collected Guide Atlanta member Jenna Gross of Colordrunk Designs and Artist Elisabeth Hays together, the result is whimsical, beautiful, and spoiler alert…colorful! Jenna created the Mood Board above with furnishings, lighting, fabric and wallpaper inspired by two Butterfly Taxidermy paintings and two Bug Studies from in Elisabeth Hays' release this Thursday - you won't want to miss this one!! 

The concept of pulling design inspiration from original art is something we adore at Well + Wonder. It's the magic that happens when two creatives inspire each other. Not only has Jenna created the Mood Board above, she's also sharing photos of Elisabeth’s butterflies installed in a room for two “pre-teen” sisters who will be the talk of the town!

Read on for photos and quotes from Jenna herself...

photos by Patrick Heagney

"I love Elisabeth's butterflies in this space because of the whimsy they add. I designed this room for pre-teen sisters. We needed art that was fun and not too serious!" - Jenna Gross

"The color in her art is what draws me in immediately- they are so bright and fun! I love that they are 3d instead of just painted on flat paper- I just havent seen anything like it before. She is a color genius and I love the colors she pairs together." - Jenna Gross

"The colors in her butterflies are absolutely perfect with the drapery fabric and wallpaper. The brass metal antennas add a fun touch too and complement the brass accents we have throughout the room." - Jenna Gross

A huge thank you to Jenna and Elisabeth for bringing us some color inspiration this week!! Don't miss Elisabeth's release this Thursday, and as always reach our HERE with any and all questions! 

xx, Emily