Walls of Wonder

The Color Show + Colordrunk Designs

Who better to give us all some encouragement to layer colorful artwork in a colorful home than The Well Collected Guide's Jenna Gross of Colordrunk Designs!? In honor of Well + Wonder's 2023 Color Show featuring over 100 works of art by 20 of our color loving artists, Jenna chose a few favorites for her carefully curated interiors. All of the artwork seen here will be available when The Color Show is LIVE tomorrow, February 8th. Check out photos along with Jenna's expertise and color logic below...

"These insect studies by Sallie Strickland are so fun!  It takes a keen eye to make insects beautiful, but Sally has achieved it.  They would work so well in a small "jewel box" space because of the myriad of bright colors set against a bright white background.  I would use these in a powder room to add a dose of whimsy and inject a colorful focal point in the room."

"The color in these abstract paintings by Annie King is unreal.  They are beautiful and sophisticated without being stuffy.  They would be perfect for a guest room.  The vibrant colors would complement the variety of textures in the (more muted) guest room I recently finished.  They would be perfect over the seating area in this guest room."

"A busy wallpaper sometimes speaks for itself in a room, but don't be afraid to add smaller pieces of art in complimentary colors to add layers and create additional visual interest. These abstracts by Maggie Stickney and their amazing frames look like they were actually commissioned to complement the Chaing Mai wallpaper and custom window treatments in this dining room."

"Emyo's floral paintings are so beautiful and unique!  While they work (and I have used them) in pretty much any space in a home, an interesting use for this piece would be in this tween girl room I designed a few years ago.  The softer color palette creates a sense of calm and tranquility for a bedroom. The Impressionistic aspect of this painting is unexpected in a kid's room and would elevate it beyond that of a "just another" traditional style kid's room."

"There is a lot going on in this pool room bathroom. The bold, graphic wallpaper and bright colors scream for art that won't get lost in the fray while also complimenting the design of the room. These bright abstracts by Alison Duncan, especially in their gold frames, lend a level of complimentary sophistication to this bathroom which is really all about fun."

Jenna, you have our color wheels churning!! We admire your bold choices, and the way your pairings enhance the interior as well as the art...a classic example of more is more. Thank you for inspiring us to drench our homes in color!