Alison Duncan

Alison Duncan


Alison currently works out of a small home studio.  She says that her family has been playing a bit of musical rooms lately as they hunt for a new home while also working to make their current home meet the needs of their family in the meantime.  She is thankful that she has a dedicated work space at home right now, but also gets excited at the idea of a larger space in the future!


Acrylic, gouache, and mixed media


Painting is a source of joy for Alison.  Ever in awe of how the arrangement of colors, marks, and texture can draw a viewer in and tell a story, she uses layer upon layer to create rich, multidimensional pieces.  Alison is a self-taught, contemporary artist consistently inspired by her surroundings: her children, her faith, traveling, color combinations, music, nature, fashion and interiors.  While creating has always been an outlet for her, it wasn’t until she left her job as a corporate attorney to stay at home with her girls that she rediscovered her love for for painting.  She seeks to create pieces that people will enjoy looking at in their homes for years to come, always discovering something new.  Alison lives in Marietta, Georgia, with her husband, Ryan, and their four daughters, Piper, Bethany, Hannah, and Avery.