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One-Stop Shop for a Gallery Wall with Sherrell Design Studio

This week is one of our favorites all year - we launched our annual Small Works show including over 150 small works by 22 Well + Wonder artists!  SO. MUCH. gorgeous art featuring everything from abstract paintings and bright collages to delicate watercolors and fabulous landscapes. We see this collection as the perfect ingredients for the gallery wall of your dreams, so we turned to The Well Collected Guide Member and award winning interior designer Sherrell Neal of Sherrell Design Studio for the recipe.  

Sherrell has been creating thoughtfully designed interiors that embrace livable style since establishing her firm in 2016. Known for having an eye in the small details and her fresh traditional aesthetic, Sherrell pulled together two stunning examples of gallery walls from the Small Works collection, and also shared her tips on selecting and arranging artwork in a gallery wall for you to keep in mind while shopping this show. 

What tips can you share for selecting artwork for a gallery wall?

"Choose pieces you love and consider a singular color scheme or even works from the same artist." - Sherrell Neal, Sherrell Design Studio

Here Sherrell selected 3 pieces by artist Chloe Wood and 2 by artist Amanda Petro.  Note that 2 of the Chloe Wood works are of a similar style and 1 is completely different, but still in the same palette; this creates variety while still complimenting each other and pulling the composition together. 

What tips do you have for arranging artwork in a gallery wall?

"I find that tracing and cutting out a template of each frame in craft paper and organizing them on the wall before committing is a really helpful way to make adjustments before pulling out the hammer. I choose works of various sizes and frame thickness to achieve a collected look. And I like a ratio of both landscape and portrait orientations." - Sherrell Neal, Sherrell Design Studio

Sherrell chose a lovely variation in size and finish, from framed and matted works on paper to unframed canvas, and everything in between, really accomplishing that collected look.  She mixes thick gold frames, with a gold float and a thin silver frame.  Just lovely!

We know just how hard it is to pick a favorite, but do you have one?

"I always gravitate towards abstract art. And the “IT ALL FITS” series by Chloe Wood are works I would hone in on out of any grouping. I like that it’s a broken puzzle of fragmented shapes, tightly fit together. The color palette is soft and playful but the deeper colors she created to outline each shape adds tension, texture, and a bit of depth to the medium. If I look long enough I see a crowd of people or I’m reminded of the old-fashioned mix of hard candies you find during Christmas time. It’s a thought provoking series!" - Sherrell Neal, Sherrell Design Studio

It All Fits II by Chloe Wood

Summary of Sherrell's Tips for a One-Stop Gallery Wall:

  1. Choose artwork you love
  2. Consider a singular color scheme
  3. Select works from the same artist
  4. Choose a variety of sizes
  5. Select pieces with variation in frame and finish
  6. Include pieces with landscape and with portrait orientation
  7. Use craft paper to layout a plan before you pick up the hammer


Thank you, Sherrell, for these amazing tips!  We are all now well equipped to approach the Small Works group show as a one-stop shop for your next collected, well curated gallery wall.  If you are debating works, or need a hand getting started, please don't hesitate to reach out to us HERE!  Happy shopping!


The Well + Wonder Team