Annie King

Annie King


A home studio in a beautiful sunlit room that opens up to the back veranda for fresh air and backyard enjoyment. 


acrylic paint, aerosol paint, oil stick, and charcoal, chalk pastels, on canvas


Inspired by the intrinsic value that creating art promotes a sense of healing, Annie’s paintings play a significant role in her journey of seeking, surrendering, and trusting God. Each of her paintings are a reflection of learning, re-learning, and ultimate realization as information emerges, hides, and then reinvents itself through layers and layers of material. Using mostly soft-bodied paints with various mixed media, her paintings create a loose yet contained aesthetic to convey the constant struggle of maintaining peace and truth among the confusions of life. Annie received her BFA from UGA and then was led to obtaining her Masters in art therapy and clinical counseling after she started experiencing and witnessing the powerful benefits of art. From art educator to art therapist, she has always remained rooted in her own growth as an artist. She is currently painting full time in Atlanta, Georgia, where she also remains busy with her two beautiful children.