(photos by Andrea Kinnear Photography)

NEW Well + Wonder artist Katherine Freeman is showing us how placing small works of art, 6x6in abstract paintings to be specific, on shelves and furniture around your home can do wonders to spark interest and beauty. Not only are small paintings often affordable, they are also mighty!! The presence of artwork, no matter the size, will catch your eye time and time again. Don’t just take our word for it, shop Katherine’s release this Thursday and try it at home!

Check out this video demonstration from Katherine’s beautiful Lafayette, Louisiana home and read on for her personal tips and some gorgeous photos…

What to consider when placing small works of art around your home…

1. Build Layers – Just as artists build layers in their paintings, you can channel your creative spirit and add depth to your surfaces. Take a closer look at your bookshelves, coffee tables, and consoles. If they’re lacking in the character and depth you desire, grab your coffee table books, something organic, a work of art…and voila! You have a beautiful, personally curated, vignette to admire every day.

2. Add Height - To really give a small work of art the attention it deserves, consider placing the canvas on three books (always use odd numbers) or a tabletop easel. If you are adding height with books pay close attention to color. You’ll want to choose books with jacket colors that coordinate (or contrast just right!) with your artwork. I tend to gravitate towards blues and pastels. Steer clear of clutter and give your artwork some height to showcase its importance.

3. Don’t Forget the Walls – Smaller works of art throughout your home will start a dialogue with the artwork hanging on your walls. Whether through color, form or even a feeling, this is a conversation you will want to hear! Abstract art has the ability to make a space feel more edgy, and pairs beautifully with more traditional works of art. A room with a variety of art, through size and style, will never disappoint!


A huge thank you to Katherine for welcoming us into her home and sharing her tips!! Don’t miss Katherine’s release of twelve 6x6in abstract paintings AND two larger paintings tomorrow! As always, you can reach us here with any and all questions.