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Walls of Wonder

411 on Limited Edition Prints with Artist Millie Sims

(Snowy Egret print by Millie Sims, styled by Hundley Hilton Interiors)

Well + Wonder is launching a limited-edition Print Shop, and we are bursting with excitement for the first two artists releasing prints this Monday. Artists EMYO and Millie Sims are both well versed in the printing process and bringing us high quality, signed prints that we are incredibly proud to share with you!!

Before we unveil the Print Shop, we thought we’d shed some light on the printing process to give you a sense of what goes into a print before it’s featured on Well + Wonder. Printmaking is an artform in itself!! All Well + Wonder prints will be limited-edition (i.e. numbered 1/5, 2/5, etc...) and signed by our artists. Collecting prints can be a more affordable way to own a work of art by an artist you admire. I’ve seen first-hand how a print collection can evolve into a home filled with prints and original artwork over time…it is a beautiful thing!!! 

(Left - original painting by Millie Sims, Right - Louisiana Heron print by Millie Sims)

Millie Sims has been kind enough to share a behind the scenes look into her thoughtful, high-quality printing process. From choosing a Printer and just the right cotton paper to color matching that can only be approved by the artist herself, Millie does not skimp on any details. Here are a few quotes from satisfied customers and read on below to learn how to identify a print you’ll want to hang in your home! 

"Millie’s prints are perfection! The quality of the paper is outstanding, you can truly see the strokes and movement of the brush as if it was an original.  I have two of her prints in my own home and absolutely love them.  They are some of my favorites pieces and truly elevate and transform the room!" - Janie Jones of Hundley Hilton Interiors

"You can see the grain of the canvas and every stroke detail. Once framed, it’s actually hard to tell whether it is on canvas or on paper. We love her attention to detail that is evident even in her prints." - Elizabeth Miles of Hundley Hilton Interiors

"I'm drawn to how architectural her pieces feel. The hard geometric lines are often balanced by a softness in color or content. It is the duality of her work that I love" - Christina McEnroe

(Dancers at the Barre print by Millie Sims, styled by Hundley Hilton Interiors)

Print Making with Millie Sims…

  1. It all starts in the Printer’s Studio…Millie takes her original work of art to her Printer, where it stays until the final print has been approved. After searching for the right fit, she has found a Printer who is capable of producing the color quality she was seeking.

"Machines simply don't have the same capability to capture pigment that we can create with paint, and capturing the digital file is often the most challenging step. My Printer tweaks the files to match color with the original, and we review print proofs together in person until we get it exactly right.” 

(Laura Hawk in Marbella print by Millie Sims)
  1. Paper Choice is Important…Millie has been using the same kind of paper since she started making prints with this particular Printer. Her choice is smooth but not glossy, 100% cotton, heavy stock rag paper.

“We sampled several paper options, and I needed to see how the paper absorbed the ink in person. The end result is just what I was looking for, substantial yet refined.”


(CZ Guest in Palm Beach print by Millie Sims, styled by Hundley Hilton Interiors)
  1. The Final Step, Numbered and Signed… Once the run of prints has been made, in this case five of each original work of art, Millie reviews each print then numbers (ex. 1/5, 2/5, etc..) and signs them along an inch and a half border of white paper that frames the print.

“The actual dimension of the prints are three inches more in length and width than the image, to leave room for the limited-edition numbering and signature. This also gives collectors more options for framing, many choose to frame around the numbers and signature.” 

 (American Swan print, American Flamingo print, and Louisiana Heron print by Millie Sims)

A BIG thank you to Millie for sharing your process!! Be on the look out for limited-edition prints from Millie and EMYO when the Print Shop launches on Monday! As always, reach out HERE with any and all questions.

xx, Emily