Walls of Wonder

Purchasing Prints with Confidence at the Well + Wonder Print Shop

Artist Christy King's "Common Milkweed" Print

What is the Well + Wonder Print Shop?

The Print Shop is a dedicated online shop for limited edition, high quality signed prints by a selection of our talented Well + Wonder artists. Each print found in the Print Shop starts as a high resolution image and has been carefully chosen and executed to the standard of excellence upheld by our artists and the Well + Wonder team. 

What sets Well + Wonder prints apart is that each limited edition series is printed in small batches on beautiful paper. In most cases we have sold the originals, and in all cases we ensure that the depth of color and texture of the original work of art are represented as closely as possible.

You’ll find prints with beautifully deckled edges and others that may be difficult to distinguish from the original. The numbers (1/10, 2/10, etc…) at the bottom being the most obvious way to confirm it is in fact a print.

Printmaking is an art form in itself, and we are incredibly proud of the product our Well + Wonder artists have brought to the Print Shop!

High Resolution Image of Artist Shelby Monteverde's "Pink Ball Bounce" 
Why Prints, Why Now?
Over the years we’ve grown to understand that our Well + Wonder community of art lovers is diverse in terms of where they are on their collecting journey. We launched the Print Shop in 2021 with our customers who may be starting a collection in mind. Fine art prints can be a great opportunity to own an image of an original work of art by an artist you admire whose work is either out of your budget or not available.

Living with artful images, whether limited edition or originals, ignites a collector’s desire to bring more art into their homes. As we often say, “more is more” when it comes to art, and this definitely applies to prints and originals. We’ve seen first-hand how a print collection can evolve into a home filled with prints and original artwork over time…it is a beautiful thing!!!

Artist Melvin G.'s "Gillian" Print | Click HERE for a Video of the Framed Print being Installed!
The Printing Process:

The Well Collected Guide Atlanta's Purple House Gallery & Framing has become a key partner for the Print Shop, their team having overseen several projects over the past year. Malia Bolt, Owner of Purple House, shared a glimpse into their printing process…

“We start with a high resolution scanner that captures the best image of the piece. We then touch up anything that doesn’t look perfect to have the truest image possible. High end papers are very important. We choose paper that artists would use for their own artwork, such as watercolor paper or cotton. This gives the feeling of an original. Once off the printer, one or our favorite techniques is adding a deckled edge so the edges make a statement, especially when framed!” - Malia Bolt

Artist Christy King's "Tall Bellflower" Print 
How is Artwork Chosen for the Print Shop?
We work closely with our artists to choose pieces for the Print Shop. If a particular series sold well, we typically try to select a grouping of three to six pieces that we feel would translate well to prints. The goal may be to offer a variety of color choices or a selection that we feel would work well if framed and hung together on a gallery wall.
Artist Shelby Monteverde's Crayon Print Series
We encourage you to explore the Print Shop to see for yourself how the subject matter brings energy, beauty and a personal connection. Whether you're drawn to botanicals or shopping for something nostalgic to hang in a nursery, we’ve got you covered! As always, don't hesitate to reach out HERE with any and all questions!