Photograph by Ashley Woodson Bailey | Interior Photography by Cathlin McCullogh

Originally from Corpus Christi, Texas, Ashley received her Bachelor of Arts degree from The University of Texas in Austin in Art History. She, her husband, and three children now reside in Jacksonville, Florida. After leaving a successful Floral Design business due to a harrowing car accident, Ashley found herself behind the lens. She began taking pictures of the floral arrangements she received during her recovery.

Feeling inspired, she painted large pieces of wood black and began photographing arrangements in front of the dark background. The rest is history!! Ashley is a self taught photographer who arranges flowers in a way that is both provocative and demure and presents them to the world with evident love and appreciation. 

“I can’t say that I have always been an artist, only because I didn’t know I could be one. In college I found my love for Italian Architecture, John Singer Sargent, Dutch Masters, art museums and galleries, and mostly, the artists behind the the beauty.” - Ashley Woodson Bailey  

Dutch Peony by Ashley Woodson Bailey

Let’s take a glimpse into Ashley’s world… 

How do you select your flowers?

“I generally order my flowers from NYC and have them shipped to me here in Jacksonville. Unless I’m working on a commissioned photograph, I choose whatever I find the most beautiful.”

“If you want a peony in December, someone on the planet is growing them and can fly them to you - and people wonder why flowers are so expensive!!”

“There are times when I think I have seen every flower, but then I turn around and some gorgeous new bloom is winking at me - luring me back in! Every stem has a story.”

Estella by Ashley Woodson Bailey

How does lighting come into play?

“Since moving to Florida I have been influenced by the sunshine quite a bit. My images are lighter and brighter, but I do go back to my dark roots because that is what I love the most. I tend to use black velvet as my background.”  

“My focus is on what best compliments my subjects. My goal is to place flowers in their best light and make them feel beautiful - at every stage.”  

"Images like Neon Bash and Neon Pop were photographed against the backdrop of a snow storm in Atlanta. That was my first foray into the lighter backgrounds. The flowers so happily oblige against the bright backdrop!"

Neon Bash by Ashley Woodson Bailey

What do you recommend for framing?

“In the beginning I framed in simple black frames but was heavily influenced by multiple trips to Australia where they frame in neon plexi boxes quite a lot.”

“I lean toward my signature pink color. The frame compliments the flower without taking away from the image."

Camille Pink by Ashley Woodson Bailey

Ashley is an artist first and foremost, as you can tell by these gorgeous images! Her camera allows her to capture her work, whether a single stem or an arrangement. We are absolutely thrilled to share her work with you! If you're new to collecting photography and have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out HERE. Enjoy the fresh blooms!