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Framing Works on Canvas with Artist Hillary Howorth and Anne the Framer

Artist Hillary Howorth

The relationship between an artist and her framer is a special one. Once an artist pours her soul into a work of art, finding a frame that enhances the artwork is the most important finishing touch. Today we’re turning to two incredibly talented Nashville ladies who know the ins and outs of original art and custom framing…Artist Hillary Howorth and Anne the Framer of our Well Collected Guide Nashville.

Hillary is releasing sixteen gorgeous mixed media paintings THIS Friday, October 29th, each featuring layers of interlocking circles and variations of color that will stop you in your tracks. A BONUS of this release is that each work of art has been thoughtfully framed by Hillary, with some help from her trusted friend Anne the Framer!

 Anne the Framer in her workshop 
We’re going behind the scenes with Hillary and Anne to share some inspiration! Specifically, what you should keep in mind when choosing a frame for art on canvas. You’ll see that framing choices for canvas are very different from those you may have for works on paper, board, or any other surface. The ultimate goal is to draw your eye to the artwork FIRST, and THEN the viewer takes in the frame and thinks…wow that frame is beautiful and brings out elements of the art I may not have noticed!
“The Clouds Are Far Behind Us” by Hillary Howorth

"Though “The Clouds Are Far Behind Us” is a relatively neutral piece overall, the background does have quite a bit of color happening in the oil pastel markings. Because of that I didn’t want the frame to compete with the piece, just subtly accent and finish it. I chose a thin natural wood floater frame that almost blends in with the background without a contrast." - Hillary Howorth


"Floaters are great choices on canvases; they balance and define the borders of a canvas, without being overwhelming. The light wood frame above makes for a more casual but finished feel, while the white frame below is simple and clean." - Anne the Framer

“Where Trouble Melts Like Lemon Drops” by Hillary Howorth
"“Where Trouble Melts Like Lemon Drops” is a fun, bright and bold piece, so the frame selection here stands out and accents the art. The white floater frame against the deep navy background and colorful lines really make the piece pop. The art does the talking, rather than the frame jumping out at you."  - Hillary Howorth


"Better Together" by Hillary Howorth    

"Antique or vintage frames are a great juxtaposition on modern art, you get a funky flavor that works well anywhere. Combining Hillary's bold strokes with the texture of the frame is just fun!"  - Anne the Framer

"I often search for vintage frames in antique stores, Etsy, or eBay. Personally, I love more ornate frames, but I know they aren’t for everyone! I often try to source a mix of classic and ornate frames when I’m on the hunt. Sometimes I'll find a frame for a certain piece while other times I create a piece for the frame."  - Hillary Howorth

"Better Together" by Hillary Howorth

"I knew I wanted something gold and classic for the pink piece above, but I also wanted it to be a little feminine to play into the colors. The ornate details of the flowers and vines carved into this frame are beautiful, and they play off the movement of lines in the piece."  - Hillary Howorth

"Better Together" by Hillary Howorth

"The dove grey piece above was one I painted for this particular frame. I fell in love with the details on this frame, from the dusty champagne/silver color and tiny markings to the ivory crackling in the middle. I chose warm grays for this piece because these colors seamlessly complement all that the frame has to offer. This one was hard for me to part with, but as they say, “the cobbler’s children have no shoes.”  - Hillary Howorth

We hope you’ve enjoyed this one! Thank you to Hillary and Anne for sharing a glimpse into their world of original art and framing, these two talented ladies never disappoint!! As always, reach out HERE with any and all framing questions. And don’t miss Hillary’s release on Friday, October 29th!

xx, Emily