Walls of Wonder

Art in Bloom with Erin Tice

(Photos by Hannah Mayson)

With the holiday season right around the corner, we have asked our newest Well + Wonder artist Erin Donahue Tice, a woman of MANY talents based in Austin, TX, to share her perspective on bringing original artwork into your home and enhancing your spaces with fresh cut floral arrangements. Though we know this holiday season will be unlike any other, we feel strongly that there is no better time to invest in your home and set the stage for memorable moments with your family. The size of the gathering is not as important as the meaningful connections made in a space you have created with love!

Erin says it best…”I love the way artwork can play off of floral arrangements. I typically keep fresh flowers in my home for a) the scent, but also b) the happy mood flowers bring me. When happy art and happy florals co-exist, the combo is a home run!"



Read on for a glimpse into Erin’s beautifully appointed home, as well as some helpful tips on how to maximize the impact of original art and floral arrangements you can create yourself!

Can you describe the two works of art you have chosen to inspire floral arrangements? What did you consider when choosing specific flowers? 

The first piece, a 40x40 abstract hanging in my dining room and titled" Fireworks Over Montauk," was inspired by the incredible fireworks show that takes place in Montauk each 4th of July...I'll never forget the first time I saw it in person. The arrangement and entire tablescape picks up the hot pinks, violet blues, lime greens, yellows and peaches in the painting. I also scattered mini bud vases with coordinating arrangements throughout the table to pick up even more of the pinks and greens in the piece.



The second painting, a 36x24 abstract called "Twin Farms," focuses on the large swath of citron as its focal point. I used the same philosophy in creating the floral arrangement, using citron and lime flowers as the star of the show. I then incorporated some berry pinks and pretty oranges to play off the painting. I really focused on greenery in this arrangement too, using eucalyptus to add texture and interest as the painting itself is very textured and multi-layered.



Would you recommend placing a floral arrangement on a mantle below a work of art, or perhaps on the other side of the room so they can “speak” to each other? 

I do a bit of both! Sometimes a mantle can be the perfect place for a fresh arrangement of blooms, especially when situated next to a piece of art. That said, placing florals on the opposite side of the room from complimentary artwork can help create balance in the space and tie everything together. Play around with it, there truly are no hard and fast rules.



Can you share some of your tips on how to arrange flowers at home? How to cut the stems, how much to fill a vase, etc...?

As with painting, I'm completely self-taught when it comes to floral arranging. I kind of just feel it out as I go. Some basic tips I've learned over time include: 

1) Cut stems at an angle to allow more water to soak in.

2) Balance is key - either chose asymmetry OR symmetry. This is an example of asymmetry.


3) Contrast is also key - just like art, the eye needs to be visually stimulated when viewing floral arrangements. Pick something that feels different and add it to your mix. For instance, large branches can make a feminine arrangement feel more earthy and grounded.

4) When in doubt, stick to monochromatic arrangements. Sometimes I simply pick up a wide variety of grocery store flowers, but all in the same color scheme. It allows for fewer mistakes and can create a striking look.

Here's a quick video that may be helpful! 

Thank you to Erin for this glimpse into her world of gorgeous art and florals, and for her insight into setting the stage for an artful holiday season! As always, we are here to answer any and all of your art related questions. You can reach me directly HERE.

xx, Emily