Walls of Wonder

Whitney Durham on Six Ways to Install One Work of Art in Your Home - Featuring Artist Kerry Hays!

(Photos by Lauren Chambers)

Whitney Durham of Whitney Durham Interiors, one of our first members of The Well Collected Guide Atlanta, is granting us access into her home and sharing six beautiful (and thoughtful!) ways to install a work of art by Well + Wonder artist Kerry Hays.

Whitney is often asked how to best showcase original artwork, and her answers may surprise you! Displaying original artwork does not always require an abundance of wall space (as seen in the image above). Check out the photos below and read on to see that not only does original art belong in every room, but there are SO many creative ways to display art that will layer beauty, interest and meaningful connections in your home. With these insider tips we hope your mind will be churning with ideas for your own spaces!

1. Built-in Bookshelves 

Consider hanging a work of art on the face of a built-in bookshelf. This is a wonderful way to emphasize the artwork in a unique and unconventional way that catches your eye. Of course, you can always nest the artwork inside your bookshelf if the dimensions allow. 


2. Multiples on Your Mantel

Take advantage of your mantel space! Hang a larger work of art on the wall and nest in a few smaller pieces in front to add dimension and interest. Don't be scared to mix traditional and abstract. A variety of styles with similar color palettes do not compete with each other. In fact, the abstract work allows the traditional piece to stand out and vice a versa!


3. Gallery Walls are Always a Good Idea

Gallery walls are always a favorite to mix various types of art, mirrors, subject matter, and eras. It is, however, more pleasing to the eye if the color palette among the pieces ties together. All of your smaller pieces then work together as one larger piece. This adds character and warmth to a room.


4. Add Interest to Your Kitchen Counter

Artwork on a kitchen counter might seem impractical to some. However, I think it adds personality and interest in an area that you typically wouldn't see artwork. If you don't have a lot of wall space in your kitchen and still have a favorite work of art you want to see every day, here's a solution! Prop the artwork against the backsplash or on a smaller scale art easel.


5. Treat Your Guests in the Guest Bath

A guest bathroom is the perfect place to showcase your artwork. You can pull in a small art easel and nest your art on the counter next to soap and hand towels. This way, the artwork is front and center for all of your guests to admire.


6. Treat Yourself Too, Don't Forget the Bedside Table

Any bedside table is another great place to display a favorite work of art layered with your family photos or a good book. To add interest, place your art on a fun easel with an art light.

THANK YOU to Whitney Durham and Kerry Hays for adding imagery to these wonderful ideas!! As you know, we love brainstorming installation options! Don't hesitate to reach out to me directly HERE.
xx Emily