Walls of Wonder

Small Artwork with a BIG Impact

(photos by Brennan Smith Photography)  

This week we’re shining a spotlight on some talented ladies in Birmingham, Alabama for insider tips on how to collect, frame and hang small works of art to achieve a big, beautiful impact on your spaces.

Well + Wonder artist Amanda Petro creates the most lovely Mosaïques with delicate yet striking mixed media collages that measure 4” x 4”. The small size of Amanda’s Mosaïques creates interest and often draws viewers in more so than larger works of art. Especially when hung in a collection of six or nine (as seen in these photos), Amanda's work can elevate an entire room and yield a curated feel!

The most common questions we field related to small works of art are related to framing and hanging options. This is where Amanda’s sister-in-law Kelly Petro Neely and Kate Hartman, Co-Owners of Chickadee Interiors, are weighing in!



Kelly and Kate incorporate Amanda’s artwork often when designing spaces in and around Birmingham. Read on for some of their hot tips on small artwork making a big impact…


1. Small artwork can help you achieve balance in your space.


When looking at your room, consider other elements on the walls such as mirrors or works of art. If your room contains large elements such as an oversized mirror or canvas, a collection of small works of art will balance the space and draw your eye. Balance is key when designing a room! 



2. If you like the look of larger works of art but not the price tag, small artwork may be your solution.


As seen in the photo above, if you have a collection of nine Mosaïques framed in the same style they take on the appearance of one large gorgeous work of art once installed. We recommend leaving roughly 2 inches between each frame in a collection. 


3. Framing is important and mat size is KEY when it comes to small works of art.


We recommend considering oversized mats for small works of art on paper such as these Mosaïques. An oversized mat creates space between the frame and the artwork and makes the actual art feel even more important. As seen in the photo below, you could even consider including three Mosaïques in one frame!



4. Consider thickness and finish when choosing a frame.


If we are going for a streamlined look, a slim frame is best. With oversized mats such as the ones seen here, just make sure your frame is thick enough to balance the size of the mat. Finish is also important, you cannot go wrong with classic gold frames.



5. Small works give you a chance to have fun with color and mix up a gallery wall.


We love that Amanda's Mosaïques offer so much color. They are incredibly impactful, and the fact that they are all one-of-a-kind is definitely a bonus. The colors in your artwork do not have to match your sofa! Have fun mixing and matching what speaks to you. You may even want to introduce one of Amanda's Mosaïques to a gallery wall of other artwork. 



Thank you to Amanda, Kelly and Kate for these photos and their expertise! We encourage you to reach out to us HERE with any and all questions you may have about collecting small works of art - we are here for you!

xx, Emily