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Nashville - Where Art, Design and Friendship Meet

Leigh Hillenmeyer, Amanda Norman and Wesley Stanley

As you may know by now, our Well + Wonder team is quite partial to Nashville and our creative friends who live and work within the Nashville community. When we learned that TWCG Nashville’s Wesley Stanley of Hunt + Gather was commissioning two abstract paintings from Well + Wonder artist Amanda Norman for the home of Leigh Hillenmeyer, we knew this project was special. 

Leigh is Owner & Designer of Hearne Dry Goods, a handmade jewelry company steeped in family values with a mission of paying homage to the past while also supporting the future. These three women are creative entrepreneurs and above that, they are dear friends who share a common love of art and design. 

Join them in Leigh's Dining Room where they're sharing a behind the scenes glimpse into the commission process, their inspirations for the room, and their admiration for one another!

When creating a design plan for Leigh’s Dining Room, she and Wesley agreed on three known factors… an inherited dining table would center the room, they would hang grasscloth wallpaper, and a pair of Amanda Norman abstracts would hang on the far wall above a pair of demi-lunes. 

Design by Hunt + Gather | Art by Amanda Norman | Photo by Allison Elefante
To ensure the artwork was just right for the space, Wesley and Leigh opted to commission paintings. Lucky for them, Amanda is a pro when it comes to commissions and even showed up with samples to share with them in the space. Together, they chose a color palette and discussed how the paintings would interact with other elements in the home such as other artwork and even the hydrangeas seen through the dining room window.

Art by Amanda Norman

Our Nashville friends have shown us that having a plan for what will fill a space, even if you don’t have it at the moment, is the way to go - it will pay off in the end! Wesley and Leigh had a vision of broad, beautiful abstract paintings framed in modern acrylic boxes (by our friend Anne The Framer). The end result is so well planned in fact, that the theme of “letting go of control” in Amanda’s paintings is even more beautiful!! More on that in a future blog post.

We cannot thank Wesley, Amanda and Leigh enough for sharing a behind the scenes look at this exceptional project. They are shining examples of how working with women you admire yields beautiful results. Ladies, thank you for your friendship, we can’t wait to see what you do next!!

xx, Emily