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Emily Mangus Interiors on Blending Colors from Connor Heindel's Latest Collection

Well Collected Guide Virginia's Emily Gannon and Emily Mangus of Emily Mangus Interiors

Emily Mangus and her team at Emily Mangus Interiors in Roanoke, Virginia are known for blending bright colors and soft hues with layers upon layers of texture. It comes as no surprise that Emily is drawn to Well + Wonder Artist Connor Heindel’s work. Connor is a master of layering and blending colors to create a depth of beauty that you can’t help but take time to admire. Her latest collection of eight floral inspired abstract paintings is no exception. 

Connor’s “From the Jump” painting featured in Emily’s Mood Board below blends soft blues, leafy greens and vibrant orangey corals inspired by colors found in the natural world. It’s clear that Emily found inspiration from the painting rather than feeling limited in her color palette, and that is what we’re all about!!

Mood Board by Emily Mangus Interiors | Featuring Connor Heindel's "From the Jump"

"The depth of Connor's paintings are transcending! Connor's work subtly provides so much color from which to choose for a room....She blends them so organically, you almost could miss the rainbow array of colors within.  We chose this painting because it provides such a beautiful jumping off point to the room that you could take it any direction - cool or warm, neutral or colorful.  The options are endless!" - Emily Mangus 

"As with most paintings, the coloration and tone changes with the light. I envision the collector of "From the Jump" embracing the shifting of colors appearing at times chartreuse then later a deeper "leaf" green. These changes in tone provide depth to the painting and, it's my hope, help to create a finished painting that is something special." - Connor Heindel

Emily Mangus Interiors Studio | Featuring Connor Heindel's "Art Flow Over Me"

Emily has become a seasoned pro when it comes to styling a room around Connor’s work. This corner of her Roanokestudio shines with Connor’s “Art Flow Over Me” as the focal point. Without the painting in play, the warm yellow of the lamp and the spring tones in the glass pieces may not pair well together. When placed in front of the painting though, they are a gorgeous compliment - enhancing the blending and movement of color on the wall. 

"I never stray far from a Floral but in spring, when all the world is lush and in bloom, I find so much inspiration in the new life that the warmer weather brings. The world is thawing and with it comes so much fresh color and beauty - it's hard not to want to capture this feeling with paint!" - Connor Heindel

Connor Heindel's Latest Collection of Abstract Florals for Well + Wonder

A BIG thank you to Emily and her team, and also to Connor for contributing to this article and sharing so much inspiration today! Don't miss Connor's release tomorrow so you can dream up some color blending in your own home! And as always, reach out HERE with any and all art related questions. 

xx, Emily