Walls of Wonder

Drawing Parallels with Artist Allison Ford

(photo by Cameron Budove Photography

When I first learned about our newest Well + Wonder artist Allison Ford, I thought to myself...wow, this is a woman who is dedicated to her creative process and the result is truly beautiful. Then Mollie shared with us that Allison is also an attorney and a mother of two young boys...that’s when my jaw dropped!

The more we got to know Allison, the more we were in awe of her many talents. It became clear that her active lifestyle inspires her artwork, and in fact her artwork inspires us to approach our complex lives with more confidence…look out world!

Allison believes in “creating art that resonates with the way you live and love.”Read on for an insider peek into some of the parallels Allison draws between her creative process and three important aspects of her life…motherhood, her work as an attorney, and her community. With this in mind, her release of 11 abstract floral paintings will have you drawing parallels of your own!

(photo by Kimberly Michelle Gibson Photography)

Motherhood: Allison’s creative process draws inspiration from her boys. She paints with them when she can so they can experience the joy of creating. Watching their free-spirited approach inspires her to have fun with her own paintings. She writes about this in her Art Motherhood Community blog and says…

“They just dig in without fear. They don’t care if no one likes their work. The practice is fun. I try to take a similar approach.”

Like so many mothers these days, Allison has added preschool teacher and virtual school facilitator to her resume. By carving out time for her own creative outlet, she’s able to approach motherhood as her best self. And her boys sure are lucky to have her!

(photo by Kimberly Michelle Gibson Photography)

Attorney: When it comes to her work as an attorney, Allison draws a parallel between building a legal case and creating a painting. A new case is like a blank canvas…

“In painting, you start with a blank surface and lots of possibility. You have to do the work to make something meaningful happen. Once I start painting, I am very in tune with the fact that one decision affects the next.”

In many respects, Allison’s legal cases are works of art! She is living proof that once you have your process figured out, the sky’s the limit.

(photo by Kimberly Michelle Gibson Photography)

Community: Though she is an introvert at heart, Allison draws big inspiration from her communities of artists, friends and family. She loves finding commonalities with people, like the bond of motherhood or a passion for art.

“I’m always looking for a connection. I think my art is about the same connection. It’s like a bond between the artist and collector and sharing from one heart to another. We have more similarities than differences if we stop to think about it.”

With this in mind, we couldn’t be happier to officially welcome Allison to our Well + Wonder community of artists and art lovers! Don’t miss her first Well + Wonder release dropping in our collection tomorrow!! As always, we are available HERE if you have any questions about Allison's work.