Walls of Wonder

Casual Entertaining: How Original Art and Color can Amp up any Gathering

 (photography by Kelli Boyd

What could possibly be better than college basketball during the month of March?? Original art of course! (And that is coming from a Kentuckian born and bred - we take our horses, bourbon, AND college basketball very seriously).  Our Well + Wonder version of March Madness is in full effect with releases happening back-to-back this month, and our team has taken the role of peppy cheerleaders to the next level. The real winners are the collectors!  With this in mind, I am so excited to share some casual entertaining tips for your gatherings this spring whether they be focused on basketball, mothers, or grads we have you covered during the season we like to call Accomplishments and Celebrations (dare we say this season is back post-pandemic?!) .

Whether it’s just your immediate family or a small group of friends, putting some thought into your entertaining strategies really pays off! My personal favorite way to zhush up a space for entertaining is with COLOR!  So with the amazing bright gallery wall backdrop, I have chosen to start my decorating of the table with my Estelle Colored glassware and love these stemless wine glasses for casual entertaining.  The fun part is letting each guest choose their favorite color (or in the case of the Creason household, 6 year old Francie will bring you which color she feels is appropriate for you. :))  Next step to layering in color is with flowers, plants, and citrus!  My friend Kelly Revels of the Vine is so gracious with her "leftovers" after parties and I love the greenery here and the fun shapes and texture it brings to the space.  My last and perhaps favorite step is to add in the last bits of color with the food and the wine!  Rosé of course makes a pretty presentation especially when presented in the decanter surrounded by some green moss to add dimension.  And charcuteries boards - that's the closest this non-artist will get to becoming an artist.  I love mixing and designing the boards to create a beautiful and tasty palette!  

This gallery wall includes artwork by Amanda Norman, Christy King, Kerry Hays, Maria Driscoll, April Sanders, and Rebekah Webb, and I decided to turn to these talented ladies and ask them to share their tips for casual entertaining as well...


Add Color:

"When setting up a bar, I like to have things to add color like lemon, lime and orange wedges, mint spears and my new favorite cherries soaked in bourbon!  Adding colorful fruits and mint to a drink, even if it just a plain seltzer, makes it more fun and festive."

-Maria Driscoll 


Pretty your Pots:

"In nice weather we all spend time with guests outside with fresh air versus inside these days, so make your outdoor space special with new potted plants and flowers."

-Christy King 


 Remember the Littles:

"We make different charcuterie boards - one for kids and one for grown-ups.  It is an easy way to make the smallest guests feel special and a way for my kids participate in the hosting duties."

-Rebekah Webb 


I hope you enjoy incorporating these colorful tips and tricks into your next gathering, no matter the size, and shopping our March Madness of releases this month to get a start on or add the finishing touches to your gallery wall.  Plus be sure to reference our old-trusty, 5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Gallery Wall!

XO and Go Cats,