Walls of Wonder

Art is Healing at Downtown Drs. Brown

If you’ve ever watched a child create art, or a professional artist for that matter, you are aware of the fact that creating art can be one of the most healing experiences for human beings. Drs. Cady and Ryan Brown of Downtown Drs. Brown are taking this a step further and have made VIEWING original art a priority at their practice in Lexington, KY. 

Imagine you walk into your local Drs. office feeling sluggish and are greeted with a curated space where art by Well + Wonder artists EMYO and Sarah Caton Wynnes evoke a certain emotion…you immediately feel uplifted, welcomed and encouraged – like you can tackle whatever it is that’s ailing you. This is the scene Cady and Ryan have created at Downtown Drs. Brown where the goal is to humanize the entire healthcare experience – what a beautiful concept!!

This is all well and good, especially the part where framed generic posters and stark white, sterile waiting rooms are replaced with color and creativity, but this concept of art playing an important role in healthcare is backed up by considerable data – more on that later.

In this video, Cady shares her motivation to hang original art, some feedback from patients as well as their criteria for selecting art with healing qualities. She and Ryan have witnessed first hand that original art can result in the following:

  • Decreased pain levels and stress
  • Improved mood
  • Increased happiness

This world needs more practices like Downtown Drs. Brown! With flu season fast approaching, I hope the healing power of art is in full effect wherever this finds you.

Interested in learning more? Check out this article entitled ‘Fine Art Is Good Medicine’: How Hospitals Around the World Are Experimenting With the Healing Power of Art released on artnet last July.