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Sarah Caton Wynne

Sarah Caton Wynne


Sarah paints in her home studio in Houston, Texas with windows overlooking tall pine trees and usually either classical music or Zac Brown Band playing in the background.


Acrylic paints


Painting is an exercise for Sarah. Not like training for the Austin and NYC marathons that she has enjoyed running. Not like raising children and the exercise in patience and love that affords. For her left brain, analytical approach to much of life, painting is an exercise in letting go. When she approaches a blank canvas, she battles the need for order and perfection and allows herself the freedom to begin. Elaine de Kooning said, “My paintings repeat a feeling about Lake Michigan, or water, or fields…it’s more like a poem…and that’s what I want to paint.” Sarah strives for the same in her work. Her acrylic paintings are lyrical in nature, with movement and meaning expressed through variations in color. Life isn’t always literal and neither is art. Her work remains based in these truths. Sarah’s home studio in Houston overlooks a bayou full of life and nature, always changing and inspiring. That same bayou flooded her home during Hurricane Harvey, a constant reminder that life, like water en route to the Gulf of Mexico, is always in flux – good for her right brain and, therefore, her art.