Sarah Caton Wynne

Sarah Caton Wynne


Sarah paints in her home studio in Houston, Texas with windows overlooking tall pine trees and usually either classical music or Zac Brown Band playing in the background.


Acrylic paints


Sarah’s path towards becoming an artist began many years ago, but can be described as non-traditional. From early childhood through her early twenties, she embraced art classes and worked with multiple media, including graphite pencils, pen and ink, oil pastels and acrylic paint. Her pursuit of art was shared with other interests in college while she attended business school and then law school. After graduation, Sarah practiced as a business litigation associate at an international law firm. Describing her time practicing law, Sarah states, “There is some creativity involved in trying a lawsuit, but on the whole, I missed the creative outlet that painting provides.” She now spends her days working multiple paint brushes in her studio. The play of color drives all of her pieces, and most all of her work contains abundant light and vibrant colors, even if it is just a pop of color against a neutral background.