Walls of Wonder

Beautiful Storage Solutions by A. Wooten Interiors

Recently on a Well + Wonder team chat, we were lamenting our new normal of spending all of our time at home. This is coming from women who are used to working from home, what we’re NOT used to is having everyone under one roof All. Day. Long. We recognize this is a such a minor hurdle in light of the healthcare heroes and sacrifices people are making for the good of our world – truly incredible demonstrations of selflessness and bravery. 

One common denominator in our chat about life at home is that we are ALL looking at our storage solutions with fresh eyes and maybe even a LITTLE bit of time to reconsider how to make them more beautiful and functional.  Personally, it’s the little victories that help curb the anxiety and pull me through the day right now!  

Who better to shed some wisdom on this topic than two of our brand new Well Collected Guide Atlanta members, A. Wooten Interiors and Whitney Durham Interiors??  We’re starting with gorgeous photos and tips from A. Wooten Interiors below and will share Whitney Durham Interiors’ beautiful storage solutions and perspective in the weeks to come!

We hope these photos and tips brighten your day!! And maybe even your home! 

xx, Emily

Kids' Rooms...

(all photos by Sarah Dorio)

"My go-to storage solution in kids' rooms are acrylic bookshelves.  They instantly add "art" while also being functional.  Bonus - they are very inexpensive!" - Anna Wooten Loggins

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Kitchen + Butlers + Bar...

"I love open shelving in any setting, but particularly if you have pretty + simple pottery or glassware to display.  Displaying too much color or too many kinds of items can make it feel messy.  Stick to one color scheme for a cleaner look." - Anna Wooten Loggins

Mud Rooms...

"Baskets are great storage solutions for Mud areas.  Small shoes, gloves, hats, dog leashes, etc... are all small items that fit well in basket storage." - Anna Wooten Loggins

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