We are so excited to start a new series called “Pardon Me” that will allow you to get to know some of our fabulous artists. I don’t know about you, but I love a good Q & A. Our first conversation is with Nan Jones. She is fun, down to earth, and extremely talented. Enjoy!


What inspired you to become an artist?

I have always loved design and art and all things that allow you to use your creativity. I started taking art classes at an early age and started out as an art major my freshman year at East Carolina University but that’s where my “formal” training ended. I decided to change my major and put the art away for quite some time. I picked back up a few years ago and haven’t stopped and man, it feels good!!!

What is one of your favorite things to work with?

The sky……I have a crazy obsession with clouds. They make me happy! I always like to create lots of texture in my pieces. I layer and layer and layer and of course I still used my trusty palette knife, I just can’t use anything else!

Who is a living artist you most admire?

Robert Roth. His work is truly what inspired me to start painting abstract landscapes. At first glance, his work appears to be pretty simplistic but the longer you study a piece you realize there is quite a bit of depth.

How does living in North Carolina influence your work?

We are so spoiled living in North Carolina! We have the mountains and the coast and both are only a few hours drive for us. As I mentioned before, I have a thing for the sky. When you are in the mountains or on the coast there is nothing more inspiring or beautiful than the sky and the landscape that surrounds you! It’s impossible for those not to have an influence on my work.

Any tips on the balance of being an artist and a mother?

I am fortunate because my children are both in elementary school so this allows me to dedicate several hours to painting almost every day during the week. Once they arrive home from school I turn off artist mode and transition into mommy mode!

If someone is heading Raleigh, what would you tell them they need to do?

Raleigh is growing exponentially! There are so many things to do, it is hard to nail down one. A new restaurant opens up on the daily, we can’t keep up. My husband and I are foodies, so going out to dinner is pretty high on the list! My favorite thing to do with my family is being outdoors. Raleigh has a huge greenway system so we enjoy riding our bikes all around. There is something to be said about being outside in the fresh air.