While there are those few talented folks who have what we call “an eye for design” there are many who need to see art placed (think framed and hung in a room) to truly appreciate its beauty.   I hear many people say that they can pick out what they love, but they can’t necessarily imagine or place the painting in their own home. To which I say, “that’s ok!” When buying art, DO pick out what you love and you will find a place for it in your home. Enlist an art broker or interior designer to help you place and hang your art. I had the pleasure of helping a family hang much of their collected pieces and new artwork in their beach house this past summer. This project was so fun that I had some pictures taken to share with y’all! Most of the artwork that we hung was contemporary pieces that the homeowners had been collecting the past few years, especially for their beach house. This home in Sea Island, Georgia sees many visitors each year – it’s a gathering place for friends and family. It’s filled with a lot of warm sunlight and white walls - which is perfect for bright abstract paintings. We kept the pieces that were a bit more neutral and toned down in the master bedroom but we really ramped up the color in the guest bedrooms and the living spaces.   One of the most fun groupings we hung was a group of four bathing suits by Dorothy Shain for the hall/children’s bath. The two swim trunks and the two bikinis were hung in a simple white frame and hung in a group.  I also loved how the Lexie Armstrong watercolor abstract ceiling turned out in its acrylic frame over the blue sofa in the small sitting area.   Truly, it was all so fun and the homeowners were thrilled to finally have all of their treasured art hung in their home!