Phew, 2020.  I'm not sure I have the right words for you yet, but I do know that summer 2020 has been a much-needed respite.  It began with a much-needed break from homeschooling, which led to canceled alarm clocks in the morning and staying up later in the evenings.  "Friday Family movie nights" and "Margarita Mondays" happen nearly every night of the week and that's ok.  It's been a period of reminding yourself to take it day by day and to be easy on yourself.  So in this spirit of laid back summer pandemic days, we thought we'd recap a bit more about what we have been up to lately!

Emily and I launched not one, but two Well Collected Guides in a pandemic!  Welcome, Atlanta and Nashville!  It's been a treat to share these amazing art-minded businesses with you all. We quickly learned what a wonderful resource they could be in times when we were all stuck inside so we leaned on Anna Wooten Loggins to help us with beautiful storage solutions while we organized and purged all areas of our house.  Next up, Whitney Durham shared styling and organizational tips to get our houses in tip-top shape for ... ourselves?  No house guests just yet but we are ready for ya!  

Next up we debuted over 100 new paintings as part of our group FLORAL show that launched in late April and to call it a success would be an understatement.  Southern ladies love their flowers and this year was no exception.  (Insider tip, our next group show is coming up... save the date for SPACES August 27th!)

This spring we hosted some pretty serious female entrepreneur Guest Curators on our blog - welcome Lydia Fenet, Julia Amory, Amanda Lindroth, Meg McSherry, and Nicola Bathie McLaughlin!  To learn more about what inspires this amazing group of women and the art that speaks to them will continue to fuel my creative juices!

And although our in-person event at Courtland & Co in Savannah was postponed we were able to appropriately pop up with our friends at The Vine in St. Simons Island this summer!  It was so fun to reunite with our artist Kerry Hays and view some of her new work in their gorgeous space!  

As always, much more to come from all of us here at Well + Wonder!  Enjoy the rest of summer!

xo, Mollie + team