We've long loved the clothing brand Mi Golondrina and you will find it as no surprise that the Well + Wonder team has a handful of their tops and dresses hanging in our closets. It was only after we had already owned a few Mi Golondrina pieces that we learned the background of this wonderful brand. Inspired by her mother’s Mexican heritage and love of Mexican art, Cristina Lynch wanted to continue telling the story of Mexican art by preserving the traditions of hand-embroidery and empowering artisans throughout Mexico. It was on these pillars that Mi Golondrina was conceived. Partnering with over 600 artisans every Mi Golondrina garment is born in the small villages of Mexico, hand-stitched by skilled artisans who have been using these methods for over 200 years. Hosting Guest Curators on the blog is never dull but it is especially exciting when we get to partner with those whose work we covet and admire. Cristina, working with you was a treat! See Cristina's current Well + Wonder picks below as well as read more about her in our rapid-fire Q&A.

"Hold You No. 78" by Rebecca Webb - Love the sense of family and simplicity. I love simple lines like this.

"Back to Basics I" by Lizzy Love - The blues are really beautiful. Would love this in a nursery.

"Fresh Juice" by Christy King - This piece makes me so happy. It reminds me of growing up and having breakfast with my family.

"Passion Flower" by Christy King - This is whimsical and romantic. Perfect colors.

"Spring Blush" by Amanda Norman - The colors are awesome!


Tell us about yourself.

My name is Cristina Lynch, and I am the founder and CEO of Mi Golondrina. Mi Golondrina’s mission is to share the beauty of artisan-made clothing and goods with the world. We partner with hundreds of artisans across Mexico to share century-old traditions of embroidery, weaving, and craft to create beautiful garments for the modern woman and child.

Why did you start your blog/brand/business?

I grew up spending summers in Mexico with my mom surrounded by Mexican art and culture. As an adult, after working in fashion in NYC, I realized there weren’t brands celebrating Mexico’s long history of handmade garments. The hand embroidery of some of these artisan communities rival that of major fashion houses, and I knew there was an opportunity to share this art with women all over the world.

What is your favorite room in your house? Describe it.

The nursery is currently my favorite room in my house. It is a quiet space where I connect with my daughter in the morning and in the evening, and the room is such a joyful place.

What is your biggest score online to date?

I got the best hiking boots on sale from Rag and Bone recently!

It is said to look for art that "makes your heart skip a beat." What aspects of art make your heart skip?

I love art, particularly Mexican art, that has a story behind it. I get excited thinking about the artist's story and how it's influenced that particular work and the point of view from which it's created.

If you have the entire day to spend in an art museum, which one and why?

Museo de Arte Popular is a wonderful museum to get lost in. The art there reminds me of the art my mom’s been collecting forever, and I love that I get to learn more about Mexico every time I’m there.

When and where do you get the biggest surge of inspiration?

I get huge surges of inspiration from my trips to Oaxaca and meeting with artisans there.

The key to making a house a home? What does a home need more of and less of?

The key to making a house a home is time. Through time, you’ll start collecting pieces of art that you love and finding little treasures that fill your home. A home needs more memories (photos, souvenirs from trips, art by children) and things that mean something to you and less “generic stuff.”


The greatest color combination that ever existed?

Our multicolor combination (“arroyo de flores’) is one of the best that ever existed. It’s such a bright happy color combination, and it literally fills me with joy when I look at it.

What’s your favorite housewarming gift?

I love making handmade flower arrangements for people as housewarming gifts.

Tell us a bit about your corner of the world – where do you live and what do you love about it?

I live in Dallas in a part of town where I can walk to local restaurants and feel like I am a part of the city.