Walls of Wonder

Colorful Abstraction with AK Hardeman

To know AK Hardeman is to love her, she is a beacon of light and creativity – and so are her abstract works of art. From her studio in Birmingham, Alabama, AK brings canvas and works on paper to life with her bold use of color and an abstract style that evokes emotion and stands out in any setting.

It's a common misconception that abstract art only works with a modern aesthetic. Although it does look great in modern settings, abstract art has the ability to liven up the most traditional interiors. Read on for tips on collecting abstract art for YOUR spaces, more on AK's Well + Wonder release, as well as her relationship with Shoppe Birmingham (the venue for these gorgeous photos).  

Tips on Collecting Abstract Art:
  1. Placement - Abstract art has the ability to set the mood of an entire room, consider hanging an abstract piece in contemplative spaces like bedrooms and sitting rooms.

  2. Consider Color – Bold colors can stand up to existing colors in your room (for example, we think AK’s artwork looks gorgeous on the green mantle at Shoppe in the image above). Don’t fret if colors are not an exact match, in fact it’s often more interesting when they are not!

  3. Neutral Rooms - If your room has a neutral pallet and you’re looking to add interest and a little edge, a vibrant abstract can be your solution. If you’re willing to step outside of your comfort zone a bit, you will likely be thrilled with the outcome.

  4. Traditional Furnishings – If you gravitate towards traditional furnishings but want to ensure your home doesn’t come across too old fashioned, hang an abstract piece above your furniture and voila! The result is a fresh look with just the right mix of modern and traditional.


AK's Well + Wonder Release:

AK acknowledges color as the central theme of her work. This collection in particular embraces the way color affects emotions and so many aspects of our lives. She has this to say of her highly anticipated Well + Wonder release...

"There are so many feelings and emotions packed into this collection.  The past several months have been so challenging, as they have been for everyone.  During the pandemic my time in the studio has been sporadic and definitely not free from interruption.  The time I did have helped me stay sane during the chaos. It also allowed me to experiment with many ideas and styles, including the colored backgrounds you'll see in this collection." 

"Over the last month I've finally been able to focus in my studio and I am so excited to share the results with Well + Wonder.  If you know me, you know I'm passionate about color and this collection is all about COLOR!  They were a pleasure to create and my hope is that these pieces make someone else as happy as they make me.  Thank you so much for the opportunity to share."

A Friendship + Creative Partnership:
When considering a photoshoot for her collection, AK immediately thought of her good friends Mark Thompson and Jay Draper, owners of Birmingham’s beloved garden store Shoppe and accompanying home store General…     

"My home and studio are in the Forest Park neighborhood in Birmingham, AL.  Shoppe is truly an oasis in our neighborhood and is always a flurry of activity.  I have become friends with Mark and Jay over the last few years as my second passion after art is gardening."         


(Photo of Mark Thompson)

The feeling is mutual! Mark has this to say of AK and her family...

"From our storefront windows I see neighbors pass by each day. AK is one of those neighbors who has become a dear friend. Whether on one of her morning walks or stopping by in the afternoon with her whole family, she's always upbeat and has something insightful to say. This enthusiasm and energy is reflected in her art." 


A huge thank you to AK and Mark for supplying these gorgeous photographs and a glimpse into their creative worlds. Please reach out with any questions about collecting abstract art, we love nothing more than discussing topics like these!