Walls of Wonder

The Art of Space Planning with Natalie Hager Interiors

One of the most exciting, and sometimes challenging, aspects of collecting original art is the ultimate decision…WHERE to hang the art once it makes it to your home. This is one of our most favorite topics, we could discuss options for days and especially love seeing photos of your spaces and brainstorming ideas. We recently asked the talented ladies of Natalie Hager Interiors, members of our Well Collected Guide Nashville, to share some of their thoughts on placing original art within a design plan. Take a peek at their front porch discussion below to learn more about collecting, styling a collage wall (aka gallery wall), and identifying a feature wall.

We hope the three takeaways will help inform your collection and space planning...

  1. Starting an art collection: First consider what you have and hold on tight to works of art passed down to you. Then start investing in what you love, it's ok to have a placeholder if you're saving up for original art! Don’t shy away from an eclectic mix of genres and media.
  2. Hanging a Collage Wall (aka Gallery Wall): When choosing works of art for a collage wall consider incorporating a variety of textures, shapes and even colors. Don’t hesitate to customize the hanging height to your height (when in doubt go with a 60in center line from the floor).
  3. Choosing a Feature Wall:Feature walls are often defined by a fireplace or conversation nook. For example, when you walk in a room a natural location for a feature wall may be the first background wall you see. Once you have identified your feature wall, make it spectacular! 

To visualize the green room discussed in the video check out Natalie’s concept boards above and below. You’ll see some ideas for a collage wall in the image above that will surely be the feature in this gorgeous room!