Walls of Wonder

The Meeting of Creative Minds: Maria Driscoll and Emily Mangus Interiors Collaborate

As women in the south know so well, friendships are oh so good for our souls and well worth their weight in gold. What could be better than a friendship in Roanoke, VA that yields artful interiors AND inspiration for our newest Well + Wonder artist, Maria Driscoll??

Emily Mangus and Emily Gannon of Emily Mangus Interiors believe in the power of original art in their designs. In fact, they firmly believe that a room is not complete without original art, no matter how well planned and thoughtfully designed. When searching for original art, existing or commissioned pieces, Emily Mangus often turns to her friend Maria who creates JOYFUL, colorful paintings and collages that have been known to add texture, depth and brighten up an entire room!

As with any great friendship, the feeling is mutual. Maria values her relationship with Emily because it challenges her work and often sparks new, fresh ideas – win, win. Both encourage others to have the confidence to buy art that they love. Big or small, you will always find a spot for it!

Read on or check out their video above for some tips on placing art in your home from Emily Mangus Interiors…

  1. Place a large piece of commissioned art on a focal wall to compliment the color and movement in wallpaper, in this case hand blocked grass cloth.  Anchor the piece with a credenza and a pair of lamps.
  2. If hanging a mirror above a table at your entryway, don’t forget to layer in original art to add interest and a pop of color.
  3. Consider framing an added detail to your piece!  Don’t be afraid to mix finishes on furniture and frames.
  4. Soften a kitchen by layering uplifting, colorful art and natural wood frames.
  5. Don’t underestimate small art; it can make a big impact!