Walls of Wonder

Architecture 101: Art Brings it All Together in Fairhope, Alabama

If you’ve been following our Walls of Wonder series, you know that we consider interior design and original art a match made in heaven.  In this video, Well + Wonder artist Rebekah Webb invites architecture to the party with the help of Abby Davis of WAV Architects and Katie Kirby of Katie Kirby Interiors.

Architecture and art have been closely intertwined since ancient times (think 8thcentury BC), when the first architectural structures were designed with aesthetics in mind. Fast forward thousands of years and the love affair is alive and thriving! Any structure designed to inspire people must incorporate original art - hands down, non-negotiable. Tune in to watch Abby, Katie and Rebekah discuss how art, architecture and design inform one another at the 2019 Mobile Bay Magazine Inspiration Home.  

If you’re not in the market for a custom home or renovation, the greatest take-away is that ART has the power to create the feel of a custom home!  Below are some additional tips from these three accomplished women…

  • If you’re thinking of building a home or renovating, factor gallery walls and art placement into your design.  Don’t forget the lighting!
  • Bring an interior designer into the fold BEFORE building or knocking down walls.
  • If you feel a connection to a piece of art, don’t stress whether or not it will “work” in your home – it will fit seamlessly.
  • Still unsure of what type of art speaks to you??  Have a conversation with an interior designer, they will likely have ideas based on other aesthetics you are drawn to in your home.
  • You can count on original art to bring architectural and design elements together in an interesting and beautiful way. Check out Rebekah’s “Waiting No 2” in this kitchen composed of wood, marble and steel.

Take a page out of the history books and layer original art into your home that will inspire you on a daily basis. And think of the architect of your home, whether you know her (or him) or not, I know she would be pleased to see that an inspired environment has come to life from her original floor plan!

xx, Emily